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The Blue Lantern gets a huge send off.

by Andrew on 10 July, 2012 | 0 comments

The final Blue Lantern open mic was a roaring success last night (9th July 2012) with a massive turnout of familiar faces (past and present) at Yales Cafe Bar in Wrexham. 

We were there to witness some great sets ranging from A capella performances to guitar and harmonica-fuelled acoustic tracks.

The night started at around 8.30pm and was closed by current and previous hosts Neal and Laura at close to 1.30am.  This was the latest the night has run in 11 years of Monday night shenanigans.

The list of names of people who wanted to play was (at least for once) huge leading to the last few acts playing just one track each.  Some of the familiar faces from local bands who played were members of Heal The Last Stand and Camera.

Guest host Pete Spesh said of the final night:

“Thanks to everyone for your support – it’s been quite a journey!”

The audience gave huge rounds of applause to each person that got up to play.  Host for the night Pete (Special Wire) and a slew of other great performers (who will not all be listed here for fear of missing anyone out) kept everyone entertained until the wee small hours.

By the time Neal and Laura took to the stage with a typically enthralling and shambolic (no bad thing) version of Lilac Wine everyone was in a celebratory mood.

Whether the Blue Lantern returns at some point in the future remains to be seen, but for now Wrexham’s best open mic night has ended on a high.

We have spent many Monday nights at the Blue Lantern over the years and have watched countless bands and artists take their first tentative steps towards becoming confident performers.

Whether the hole left by the Blue Lantern will be filled remains to be seen.

Well done to everyone who turned up to give the night a great send off.

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