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What were the wrexhammusic.co.uk presents nights all about?

The wrexhammusic.co.uk presents… nights were established to give bands from the Wrexham area a chance to play in front of a live audience.  We’d personaly experienced a little bit of cliqueness (prevalent in most local scenes to be fair) which caused several bands we new to be unable to get decent slots at local band nights.  We thought this was wrong so thought we’d do something about it.

Our intention was never to put on the most ‘edgy’ nights but to appeal to (and please) a wide range of local gig-goers.  Our personal taste (other than to check quality of bands applying to play) was left ‘at the door’ as much as possible.  While we did book some personal favourites we wanted to give as many bands as possible a chance to play live.

From humble beginnings…

The wrexhammusic.co.uk presents … nights were established in early 2006.  People had suggested via our website that we put on some live events in the town.  We thought that sounded like a good idea.

Our  nights in Central Station quickly became the most popular local live band nights in the area.  By December 2007 the nights (and this website) had become so popular we were asked to promote Central Station’s New Year’s Eve party.

While we mainly concentrated on promoting local bands we have been known to pull a few surprises out of the bag (such as shows from The Wombats and Spacemen 3 Legend Sonic Boom).  We also co-promoted gigs with BBC Radio 1 / Radio Wales and featured on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio One show (about the local scene).

Good Times Festival

In 2008 we put on our ‘Good Times Festival’ which included two nights of camping at a beautiful site on Wrexham Industrial Estate!  This was the hottest weekend of the year and despite a few people mumbling their reservations before the event it was a roaring success (with us just about breaking even after spending a ridiculous amount on security staff).

The festival featured a huge lineup of over 20 brilliant acts from Wrexham area & several of our favourites from London. BBC Radio’s Bethan Elfyn (who came a long to DJ) described the event as being like a mini ATP – she was being very kind (to say the least!).  The event featured Andy Hickie Band, Arnie, Ashbey, Benjamin’s Drone, Danny Gruff, The Djangos, Gintis, Gwildor, Heal The Last Stand, Hexicon, James Yuill, JKLMNO, Leaving Isaacs Shop, Little Caesar, The Loungs, Mechanical Owl, Polly Mackey, The Rigbys, Roy Destroy, Trader, WhitePriest + DJS including Bethan Elfyn.


The Christmas Spruce

Our ‘Christmas Spruce’ annual events became the busiest local band nights of the year in Wrexham.  We filled Central Station every Christmas with either two or three rooms of local bands.  It was logstically a nightmare but everyone helped each other out.  These nights quickly became a thing of local legend!

Final event

Our huge final show (The Christmas Spruce 2011) saw over 700 people pack out the venue (and to date remains the busiest local band night to have taken place at the venue and probably in Wrexham ever!).

The last event featured Gallops, No Room For Heroes, Danny Gruff & the Peacemakers, Leaving Isaacs Shop, Juno and the Mook, Bring the Soul, Stop the 64, The Maydays, Shoot the Rabbit, Sam Jones, The Crow Hearts, Rooza, Best of Enemies & Modern Culprits.


Will there be any more wrexhammusic.co.uk nights or events?

Possibly! We’d never say never! We had some amazing nights with a brilliant bunch of musicians and an always up-for-it audience.

If you have a proposal feel free to get in touch via the contact page.


One from the Archives
23rd August 2012:
Mowbird & Andy Hickie storm the Green Man Festival
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