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Warrington band wins the Climb the Tail Final in Wrexham

by Ben Davis on 28 January, 2008 | 11 comments

Hundreds of people gathered at Wrexham’s William Aston Hall at NEWI to see a band from Warrington win the final of a UK competition for unsigned bands.

The four member band, The White Company, clinched the top spot, beating off competition from Wrexham band, The Collards and others from across the UK.

They take away a publishing deal with Sentric Music, an online marketing campaign from Creative Cultures, a day in the Autumn Road recording studio, Wrexham, an animated music video and other prizes to kick-start their launch into the mainstream of the music industry.

The White Company in action.

Climb the Tail organiser, Wrexham businessman, Peter Leslie, said: “The final was all we expected and more with superb performances from six talented bands playing their own original music.

“The judges had a difficult decision to make and there were some nail-biting moments in the lead up to the announcement.

“In the end, the panel of four judges gave it to The White Company for their faultless performance. They took command of the stage and the audience with their hard-hitting songs that just oozed attitude.”

The judges were looking for the band with the best chance of breaking into the mainstream with marketable music and a good stage presence, as well as their actual musical ability.

Peter added: “The White Company are a hard working band with an impressive list of past gigs and future bookings.

“The judges described them as a band with real attitude, great songs and excellent musicianship.”

“I’ve no doubt Climb the Tail has uncovered an exciting new band that will go on to great things.

“Don’t discount the other bands though. They all have great potential and I hope the experience they have gained from taking part in the competition and playing at such a prestigious venue as NEWI’s William Aston Hall will help them all to “climb the tail”.”

It was Wrexham band, The Collards, who encouraged Saturday’s audience out of their seats, creating a concert-style atmosphere. Fans from across North Wales turned out to support their local finalists.

Lead singer, Jay Chadwick was described by the judges as “probably the best singer of the night.”

Jay said: “We had a great night and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to perform. We may not have won, but already have plans to join one of the other bands in a major gig near London later in the year. It’s all good experience for us.”

The White Company’s songs are written by lead singer and guitarist, Matthew Pegg, aka Peggy. He describes his musical influences as Jim Morrison, Ian Curtis and Bob Dylan. The comparisons to Oasis in both their music and attitude are unmistakable but they add their own style.

Bassist, Dominic Curley, 23, said: “We had a great night in Wrexham and can’t wait to take up our prizes.”

“Having done a music degree and worked with plenty of bands, I know we’re different, mainly because of the songs written by Peggy, which have both edge and attitude.”

“You’ll be seeing and hearing more from us, believe it.”

The other two members of The White Company are Danny Gough on drums and guitarist. Paul Molphy.

50 bands from across the UK entered Climb the Tail which was launched on the MySpace website last August.

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Ben Davis

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Ben is the founder of wrexhammusic.co.uk.


  1. The white company were amazing,just so exiting.im a wrexhamer,and like the collards but these kids are in a different league.COME BACK TO TOWN SOON WE NEED RE-ENERGISING

  2. Jessicas Ghost were realy good and the others were good aswell,i came down to support jessicas ghost and we had a realy realy nice day.hope they will enter again next year.The winners the white company are clearly on there way to big things(and dont they no it)they were great.

  3. A well deserved win by the White Company. They are bringing back exactly what music is missing, attitude! The lead singer gave such a good show, and the lead guitarist carried it along so prof, thats talent! Watch out Gallagers.

    Well done to the organisers too, great event. See ya next year!

  4. Jessicas Ghost were really different….cool looking lineup and great voice (only band with girls in !!!) more experienced musically than others (and little more mature – sorry guys). White Company very good but too much like 90s Manchester scene for me. Sex Radio very entertaining, Collards great start but something missing, Satelite state started really good but all songs sounded same. Uplift mmmmmm.
    Great night tho ….. will be on look out for the Jessicas and Collards around Chester area hopefully (hint hint guys)

  5. Cheers for all the sweet comments guys!! We really enjoyed playing – hopefully someone will invite us back to Wrexham soon! We’re busy till June but after that……(hint hint!!). Well done to the White Company – it was a tough competition with a couple of bands that could have taken it on the night. Check out http://www.myspace.com/jessicasghost for all the latest gig info and band news. A few less coments about our ages though please!! We know we’re old – we dont need reminding just yet!! 😛

    Take it easy!
    Em xx

  6. For those who are interested we’ve just confirmed a gig at DeBees in Winsford, Cheshire for 19th June.

    Em xx


  8. Envy – Hahahahaha
    White comp won on stage pres and Ego – Nothing new seen it every week down my local !!!!!
    That was my issue with White Company and their fans – appreciate quality you morons – ego will bring them down cos its not different or new.
    As a neutral I thought the Jessicas musical abilty out did everyone – they tried to be different (most bands elec guitar, bass and drum + vox….but they had funny lookin bass thing and cello and bongos and mandolin). Yes white company cleaned them out with stage presence etc BUT I listen to music and not watch pissed up EGOCENTRIC guitar bashers – I’ve heard all before 10 years ago.
    All I want to say ok White Comp were good but NOT that much better than the others apart from last band (back to pract rooms lads …… but they enjoyed it and chatted to everyone…..good set of lads)

    Credit where credit due Will
    Alfi Moon

  9. I havnt really listend to em properly, but im goin see em tonight so that should be rather fun 😀 bye..

  10. White Company Nah Nah Nah! White Company Nah Nah Nah!!!!!!
    Get in Lads!

  11. i love the white company they are tres awesome i have a tshirt and CD !!!
    i need to go see you as i havnt yet but the lead singers auntie gave me the CD and tshirt have it on my ipod all ready =]]
    love your music keep it up =]

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