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by Ben Davis on 26 April, 2008 | 2 comments

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Trader are David (Vocals/Guitar), Jac (Guitar), Chris (Bass) and Sheep (Drums). The original lineup formed in August 2006 featuring Matt Reavey on guitar duties. In 2007 the band decided a change of direction was needed and they brought in Jac Roberts (from recently disbanded The Rigbys) to replace Matt.

Their sound is a large melting pot of the members’ various influences and David’s vocals are reminiscent of Brian Molko of Placebo (but in a good way!). Jac’s guitar playing is a mix of the jingle jangle of Johnny Marr and Editor’s-esque riffage.

Their song’s include the reggae-tinged crowd pleaser ‘Annie’, ‘Crystal Water’, ‘Surprise’ and ‘Bridges’ amongst many others.


“If Trader said they were from New York rather than Wrexham, no doubt the sheep of the industry would be bleating their woolly little backs to sign them up. Or Trader could sing in Welsh and be on S4C tomorrow (but we’ll leave that argument for another day). They are evidence that life in Wrexham is pretty damn good these days.”
Neil Crud, Link2Wales

“The fresh three and dishevelled drummer spread their wings well for an attractive stage show. It swells the heart to see a band on this level performing with such a professional air.
Sounds like The Pixies, somewhere over the water, only spiked with a lemon twist to remind us we’re in the new millennium. Whispers shot round the room about the energy levels being reminiscent of the Kings of Leon’s’ first album.”
Jodie Oakes, Pollen8


Website: myspace.com/traderband
Photo’s: Flickr photo’s

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  1. Annie is a TOP TUNE!

  2. ta lovely. x

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