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Top 12 music videos from Wrexham

by Ben Davis on 23 October, 2008 | 12 comments

We’ve scoured the web (well YouTube) to bring you the top 12 videos involving music from Wrexham. From the Donnie Darko inspired craziness of Gwildor’s ‘You Lost Your Way’ to the fan farewell of The Rigby’s at their last (at the time) ever performance.

So here you go, in no particular order:

1. Camera – Out on the Water

2. The Roseville Band – Boxer

3. Andy Hickie – The Other Man

4. Crosbi – Hey La You

5. Gwildor – You Just Lost Your Way

6. JKLMNO – The War Song

7. Leaving Isaac’s Shop – Pilot

8. The Django’s – Golden Road

9. The Rigby’s – The Rigby’s Is Dead

10. Arnie – Bad Bargain Lane

11. Black Orange – Boy

12. Katch – She Believe’s

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Ben Davis

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  1. What about crosbi? Surely they had the best videos made out of all wrexham bands????

  2. I second that… I’m sure I’ve got a promo dvd some where at home of Coastline

  3. Good idea Ben. Pity Andy Hickie isn’t available. Danny gets about a bit! ;-)=

  4. There were a couple more I wanted to put on but they aren’t online anywhere, one being crosbi ‘hey la you’ and the other being camera ‘out on the water’.

    You find it online for me and I’ll gladly add it!

    Remember the it’s not a top 10 best of and they are in no particular order!

  5. Cool cool, someone’s pointed me in the direction of Camera’s ‘Out on the Water’ and Andy’s sent me the link to ‘Boxer’ by The Roseville Band. Now makes it a top 12!

  6. …and now found Hey La You. Cool.

  7. I’m 3 of those bad boys! Good times!

  8. Suweet, i made two of them. Plus Golden Road by Djangos looks suspiciously like Older Sister by The Rigbys.

  9. I was thinking, but didnt want to mention it because i like watching me self!

  10. All videos are great,Wrexham Band Colobos have a video for their song THE GOOD CAPTAIN.

  11. what about juno and the mook

  12. Hi Dale

    This list was compiled way back in 2008, I don’t think Juno and The Mook were even going then!

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