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7th February 2008

by Ben Davis on 7 February, 2008 | 0 comments

I think everyone should give a huge thanks and a fond farewell to Laura who has served this column with an excellent guide to the scene for the past couple of years. All the best to her as she continues on the musical path with her solo work and Heal The Last Stand. Hopefully I will continue to furnish you as lavishly as you have all come accustomed to.

You may want to know a little about me. If you don’t, just skip to the next paragraph – I wouldn’t blame you. I run a website called wrexhammusic.co.uk which started in January 2006, alongside that I host (along with Andrew Salomon) a local band night every month at Central Station. Last year a group of us started a monthly hard-copy fanzine called ‘wrexhammusic’, which is distributed across the Wrexham area – the next issue is out in March. Although I’m based in Wrexham, hopefully this column will cover as much action across the area as possible and if you feel I’m missing something out, please get in touch at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk.

Okay, that’s enough of the obligatory introductions and hand-shaking, onto this week’s proceedings.

Tonight seems to be quite a busy affair, The Old Swan plays host to Wrexham’s brightest young whipper-snappers Trader with support coming from Chester’s The Lupin Thieves. Doors are 8pm and it’s free to get in.

This evening the Mclean’s club in Pentre accommodate Decadenze (from Wrexham). Expect to be greeted by plenty of long flowing hair and frowning faces as these guys are ‘classic metal with a modern twist’. It’s a 16+ affair, doors are 8pm and it’s only 3 pictures of Liz to get in.

The other event this evening is brought to you by Central Station and wrexhammusic.co.uk. Headlining will be Last Gang – a ska laced punk-pop troupe from Wakefield. They have received airplay from most major radio stations and coverage from the national press who describe them as sounding like the latter-day Specials and ‘One Step Beyond’ era Madness. Support comes firstly from Parody. A Wrexham band playing their debut gig at Central Station, they show lots of promise and have a great loyal fan base. Following them are local favourites The Mayday’s. Sounding as if the Arctic Monkeys and Babyshambles got together and had an ugly spouse, these guys are one of the tightest bands in the area. Doors are 8pm, tickets are £5 and over 14’s are welcome.

On Saturday night we are in for somewhat of a musical feast of Henry VIII proportions. Variety is the spice of life as some fool once said and variety is just what Wrexham needs on a chart-tastic stuffed Saturday evening. A group of Wrexham DJs have clubbed together and branched out from the norm with a gig at the Old Wrexham Musical Theatre on Salop Road, Wrexham (down the road near Matalan). Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I’m aware this is a first for the theatre. Craig Funkmode, Birfmarq, Jamie Drumlake and Alasdair will be providing the music, each bringing their own individual DJ styles and sets. Doors are 9pm, see you there.

On Monday Telford’s Warehouse in Chester have invited Nick Harper (son of legendary Roy) back to the canal side. If you have ever been to a Nick Harper gig then you will be able to tell others of his inconceivable guitar playing – we’re not talking ‘I’ve read every Total Guitar magazine tutorial since 1992’ nonsensical bilge, we’re talking imaginative, emotional string strumming genius! Get yourself and your ears down there for 8pm and don’t forget £10 for the entry.

Down at the Old Swan in Wrexham on Wednesday you will find my new favourite band playing, Heal The Last Stand. Comprising of 3 Dickenson siblings, Joey, Stan and Laura and also Thom Bithell (of Arnie fame), they have only been together for a matter of months. Having played a handful of gigs they were invited to be interviewed on Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show the other week and also had a couple of songs played. If you didn’t manage to catch that then I think you owe yourself a listen. Head over to myspace.com/healthelaststand and have a chuffers, then get your good self down to the Old Swan for 8pm on Wednesday (free entry).

If that doesn’t tickle your pickle, the same night see’s Rebellion’s KERRANG! Rock Night return for its monthly residence at Central Station. It’s a Valentine’s special with DJ Squirly pumping out the tunage but don’t expect to end the night with a slow dance to ‘I Will Always Love You’ by that druggy Whitney, it’ll be more ‘I Wanna Eat Your Mum and Dad’ by lifeiscrapiwannadie. Doors are 6pm (under 18’s only) and it’s £4 of your pocket money to get in.

That’s your lot for this week; remember you can get in touch with me at: ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk.

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Ben Davis

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