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The Spectrum Returns with a Bang this Weekend

by Brendan Griffiths on 6 April, 2011 | 0 comments

The Spectrum is set to return after a four month hiatus with two unique events this weekend. The first event will be the Big Mouth Acoustic Sessions at the Commercial Pub Wrexham on Friday; the second will be The Saturday Social held at the Lager Club Wrexham.

The Big Mouth Acoustic Sessions is a six-week showcase featuring some of the best acoustic talent in the North West.
Organiser Bob Spectrum said:

“We are really proud of the headlining acts and were very lucky to get a lot of them confirmed. However, its Wrexham’s year of Culture and with that in mind we wanted to host an event that was accessible to everyone and this is why we have open mic slots available to everyone.

We are also looking at focusing on other areas outside of music that need encouragement, we have spoken word artists, photographers, artists and film makers all lined up to contribute. We also want an event where we have billed support acts allowing them to grow to the point where they can do their own headline gigs later in the year”.

The first event will feature The Bear Beats Band who are currently touring the UK, support from singer-songwriter Keith Ashbury, a spoken performance from Ronnie James as well as open mic and a set from curator, Brendan Griffiths. There will also be a DJ set in the backyard from 4pm.

The Spectrum Saturday Social will be held on Saturday 9th April and feature the cream of up and coming and established local acts as well as fresh blood from outside of town. Organiser Bob spectrum said:

“We wanted to do a monthly night that was really special so first and foremost we took a step back and listened to what the public wanted. The general consensus was reasonable bar prices, good quality alcohol and a unique venue and for this the Wrexham Lager Club fitted the bill perfectly. We were also surprised to hear that people wanted a eclectic bill and not the same genres of music all grouped together.

We took all this on board when we booked the line up but really we booked the bands we wanted to see. Drive Blind we consider to be the hottest new band in two at the moment; Mother of Six and The Fag Machine have been on the scene for years and been consistently brilliant, the Universal are one of the hardest working bands in the country playing Mod rallies all over the country and The Revolutionary Spirit are a full psychedelic onslaught who will bring the curtain down on the night perfectly. We will also have some guest DJs on the night.

This is a classic example of how if you pull enough talent into one room you can come up with something truly phenomenal. Finally we have booked gigs up until August already; each one has an equally stellar line-up so hopefully we can build enough momentum to make this a continued success”.

The BIG MOUTH acoustic sessions start this Friday 8th April at the Commercial Pub, Wrexham at 4pm. FREE ADMISSION with Happy Hour reduced bar prices from 4-6pm.

The SPECTRUM SATURDAY SOCIAL will be held at The Larger Club, Wrexham on Saturday the 9th April at 8pm. Admission is £4.00 and will feature sets from:

MOTHER OF SIX (acoustic)

Posted by:

Brendan Griffiths

Email: the.scene@live.co.uk

Brendan is the organiser of The Spectrum events, which are held regularly in and around Wrexham.
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