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The Rigbys victorious at Battle of the Bands!

by Ben Davis on 31 August, 2007 | 10 comments

The final of the long running Battle of the Bands came to a close today (Friday 31st August). Organised by local youth group Bunglemunkeyfeet, the competition has been running for a number of months with heats being held at Central Station, Wrexham.

The final was staged at Bellevue Park, in the heart of Wrexham.

The crowned champions and winners of the competition was Wrexham’s favourite pop/indie quintet The Rigby’s. Runner’s up were This New Day.


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Ben Davis

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  1. Rightly deserved!

  2. Tony wilson, didnt you die? Bad times!

  3. congrats to the rigbys.
    but this new day, they might not be everyones cup of tea like but theres no need to call them a boy/girl band like. Admittedly they might look stupid and i think i have the right to say that seeing as they are friends of mine but to be fair they dnt look too different from every indie/new wave loving cunt from wrexham! just with more metal in their faces!

    where did you get Mold from? none of them even live in Mold!

  4. Sorry Phl, my fault – got them mixed up with A Great Idea! Oops.

  5. ha, i love how youve deleted tnd’s responce.
    And then replaced what was in correct with absolutly nothing.

    There an all boy band, 6 members, from wrexham.

    gunna delete this comment too?

  6. Hold my hand up, it was my fault, got the band wrong. sorry.

  7. man wtf?

    ill show u girl band fuckarrrz, we pure KO’d that, how can we be confused with A Great Idea?, A good idea would be get the facts right, your meant to be like suporting local bands, when u dont even know the background behind the band, was a good show tho but still “tut tut”

  8. can’t say much more than sorry. no need to be rude monswa

  9. oooo controvercial! at least we know people look on this site!

  10. hahahha, internet arguments are funny. its like wen u go on yotube and someones slated the vid, n it all kicks off. yieah boooooooi!!! I love the rigbys. i have written their names on my fleshlight!

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