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The Return of Leaving Isaacs Shop

by Ben Davis on 2 September, 2010 | 0 comments

The wrexhammusic.co.uk nights return from a long hiatus on Friday night with a special performance from a band who have been long missed on the local music scene; Leaving Isaacs Shop.

They’ve layed low for what seems an unbearable amount of time whilst guitarist Sam took off to live in Japan and now, he’s only gone and come back to blighty, which can only mean one thing – reunion!

The ‘Shop, as they are lovingly known, are reforming for a handful of shows with the wrexhammusic.co.uk gig at Central Station on Friday 3rd September being their first. To celebrate their return they’ve setup a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leaving-Isaacs-Shop/130257193685272.

Also playing are No Room For Heroes, Stop the 64, Juno and the Mook and Gintis. A fine, fine line up I think you’d agree. Following the bands you’ll be treated to the Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll club night until the wee hours and then probably a large stinking kebab (this however is not included in the entry price), which is a measly £5. Doors are 7pm, see you there!

Click here to view the Facebook event.

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Ben Davis

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Ben is the founder of wrexhammusic.co.uk.
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