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The Real People + The Loving Cup – Thu 04 Dec – The Tivoli – Buckley

by Ben Davis on 26 November, 2008 | 19 comments

The Real People + The Loving Cup
Thursday, December 4, 2008
8:00pm - £10 - available from the Tiv or Mike on: 07967251075 - 14+
Brunswick Road
Buckley, Wales CH7 2EF
Other Info
TIVOLI re-opens with Liverpool band The Real People headlining, supported by North Wales' premier Country Rock band The Loving Cup

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Ben Davis

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  1. £10????

  2. That’s what I’ve been told!

  3. Hi Ben!

    Oh, I know you’re right — I’m just a little surprised at the ticket price.

    It’s a re-launch, isn’t it? Well, a one-off until it re-opens properly in January.

  4. It’s a bit hefty isn’t it!
    Yeah, they said it’s a re-launch of ‘live music at the tiv’ but didn’t mention anything else they may have lined up.

    I love the loving cup but having the real people as a ‘re-launch’ seems a bit odd!


  5. “In a band called The Real People… still are”

    Had to quote it

  6. Who said that?

  7. who are the real people?

  8. It’s from The Real People’s interview on the Definitely Maybe DVD documentary aka the only reason most people have actually heard of them

  9. Back in the early 90’s, the Real People played the Tiv on a number of occasions. The band that I was in supported them at least three times. They were very good live and they had a number of very catchy, thumping, simple songs you’d remember after only one listen. The problem for them was that they didn’t really bear repeated listens.

    They released a good debut album on Columbia Records but then got dropped before their 2nd album could get to the shops — which is a shame, really, because the lead single from it, I’m A Believer, was a fine piece of melodic power pop.

    Tony, the main songwriter, also wrote hits for the likes of Cher, so I think they’ve managed to eek a living out of the band despite not being ‘signed’ — although they did release a few EP’s on their own label in the mid 90’s.

    They would frequently turn up on support bills for some of the Britpop pretenders and blow them off stage. It took a lot to upstage 60ft Dolls, trust me, but the Real People managed it.

    So, they were something of an institution at the Tiv which is probably why they’ve been rebooked.

    However, all this means is that a bunch of expanding thirty somethings [I’m one, don’t take offence if you’re planning on going, too] are going to reconvene at the Tiv to relive past glories.

    I doubt any of those people would make a regular Thursday night visit to the Tiv when it reopens properly.

    So it seems a strange booking.

    Good luck to the Tiv, though. If they get the right headline bands in there, it would be a very welcome addition to the gig circuit

  10. They used to be tuted as the ‘real’ Oasis- that never made it (probably lazily).
    When are Pinapple playing?
    Good news if the Tiv start putting gigs on again.

  11. touted even

  12. The Real People or ‘realies’ to their loyal following are still producing quality tunes and playing some storming sets as they did in the 90’s believe me. Ive personally seen them 20 times and the new material is as good as the early stuff which Andrew quite rightly pointed out had the band touted as the ‘real’ Oasis.

    The live dates are definately their strong point and ive taken several people over the years to check em out and they became instant converts. They are well worth an ayrton senna !!!

  13. The ‘real’ Oasis were Oasis.

    This idea of a ‘real’ Oasis, who weren’t Oasis, is slightly contradictory, don’t you think?

    It’s also a moot selling point, these days, isn’t it? Oasis haven’t been any good for over a decade. You might as well go and see the ‘real’ Pigeon Detectives.

    Having said that, I liked Gas Panic.

  14. Just to say: that’s not aimed at Andy or Swill — I’ve read the ‘Realies’ call themselves the ‘real’ Oasis… it’s their use of the description that I’m referring to!

  15. Oasis’ past albums have been astonishing and slightly underrated coz they’ve changed. Falling Down off the new album is one the greatest songs Oasis have ever done…and yes….Noel sings it!

  16. Agreed (I don’t fancy getting into a discussion about Oasis post Be Here Now anyway as I’d fall asleep!)
    I haven’t heard much by the Real People – I just remember watching something years ago on le tele box about them being two brothers (or something) that Noel and Liam supposedly ripped off – it could have even been a dodgy Oasis documentry. I have no more knowledge about them or their music unfortunately. Hope the gig went well!
    I did state ‘lazy journalism’ above and ‘real’ surrounded by one eared bunnies.

  17. The Real People were a great band. Haven’t seen them in years mind…

    Shame the twenty-somethings don’t seem to have heard of them… Perhaps it’s the lack of samplers and skinny jeans? 😉

  18. Id never heard of them and i’ve just had the misfortune of listening to Windowpane.

    To be fair Ando, its got nothing to do with samplers or skinny jeans. Or skinny samplers and jeans. Or anything.

  19. Hats off to the Tiv trying to get live music back at the venue.

    However, the Real People will be a flop. No one apart from a few longstanding fans are going to pay £10 to see their show. I saw them support The Pretenders at the Summer pops and they were boring. Now that’s personal taste so you have to put that aside, but realistically they are not going to sell more than 50 – 100 tickets.

    The tiv need to invest in a biggish (within budget) name to get the ball rolling and the word out that live music is back there.

    i wish them all the best.

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