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The Old Swan back in August

by Ben Davis on 9 July, 2008 | 21 comments

The Old SwanAccording to the brewery, Hyde’s, who own the venue:

“Due to financial instabilities the site has had no alternative but to close. We are about to appoint a new couple to the site and are planning a subtle face-lift and the new tenants will be retaining the live music theme although with a broader spectrum.

We will be re-launching the site with a mini beer festival and hope it will open by the beginning of August”.

So, straight from the horses mouth, The Old Swan will return in August and will still have live music there, albeit a broader spectrum – please no Salsa themed covers bands. That would be terrible.

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Ben Davis

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  1. String quartets and barber shop singers would be nice though 😉

  2. I hope that doesnt mean crappy rawk cover bands and the like. Whats wrong with the spectrum at the mo? You really do get a bit of everything already.

  3. EEEK!!! Broader Spectrum??? I agree, what was wrong with it before?? Glad its back, but will miss it being like before…………..looking forwards to the beer festival though xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Why does ‘broader spectrum’ instantly strike fear into peoples hearts? I’m thinking it means more diverse nights, DDJY! will be (hopefully) using the place a heck of a lot more so expect loads of ace new bands from us, ones that we couldn’t get away with putting on in Central

  5. That can’t be anything but good surely? I think as long as it retains some of it’s ethos of being a great place for young (and sometimes not so young!) bands to cut their teeth on the live music scene it’ll be just tickety-boo. Couldn’t be doing with clean toilets mind….

  6. Hmmm, Your right, if its done right. It would b good to see a more diverse selection of bands and music in the Duke Box, but this made me cringe as normally when pubs change etc, its not always good. After losing the Foxes and The Kings, didn’t want to lose another good pub. Cleaner loos with toilet paper would be nice, but will take a bit of getting used to tough…………….

  7. Not quite sure how it can get more diverse!!

    As Jamie says – everything is there from indie, electronica, funk, soul, afrobeat, rock, pop, reggae, folk, techno, house, hiphop – need i go on!!

    You certainly don’t get that at Central as they seem all too keen to ride the wave of whatever is trendy and fashionable at the moment – which is fair enough, they’re in the business of making money rather than giving it away to upcoming talent like The Swan did – which may have been they’re downfall!

    MATTY: i think it strikes fear into peoples hearts because as most genres are already covered there’s only one way they can go – down Shite Lane! What we don’t need is yet more bland rawk covers bands (there’s the Talbot and countless other venues for all that malarkey).

    Saying that – Beer Festival = GOOD, clean toilets = EVEN BETTER!!

    Hopefully Moz will stay on as promoter and things will stay predominantely as they are and may not take a turn for the worse. xxx

  8. Christ – i’ve just had a thought – they’re gonna bring in traditional irish music and other parent-friendly music.

    Please no……………………………………………..

  9. broader spectrum?
    i didn’t think it could get much broader than the old old swan

    also a point, the new swan?

  10. I cant imagine how on earth you could expand to a BROADER SPECTRUM???? Mongolian throat singers perhaps? well i hope it maintains the diversity of reputation that it has built up over the past few years.

  11. Broader spectrum???? Arse talk if you ask me? How could that be possible?

    Thats obscene! The brewery are just displaying a sheer ignorance and lack of understanding towards the venue and all of the hard work put in by all involved with the venue over the past few years. The place has provided a platform for the widest spectrum of musical styles not only in Wrexham, but the whole of North Wales.

    The pub should stay as it is, its unquestionable in my opinion. Lets hope it does eh?

  12. Perhaps they are looking to attract a more diverse audience, which, lets be honest, the Swan hasn’t always done. Maybe it’s time that some of the musical snobbery (and the sometimes contrived alternative mindset ) is left at the door and just give it a chance. The brewery are doing exactly what you would expect of a business. Having said that, now that Mongolian Throat Singers have been mentioned I shall feel somewhat short changed if they don’t make an appearance forthwith. Excuse me while I dislodge my tongue from my cheek! Point being, let’s keep things in perspective. How many times have you walked past the Swan lately wishing it was open? It will be soon.

  13. That was the beauty of the Swan and it’s main strength – that it wasn’t mainstream, nothing against mainstream but those types of bars/clubs are ten-a-penny………..The Swan was diverse, alternative and pushed boundaries, it’s got nothing to do with snobbery, just quality and choice. As i mentioned in my prevous post that may have not made good business sense but it was artistic and creative rather than dull and stifled. I fear if major changes are made with regards to a more ‘safe’ music policy then the people who used to attend will keep on walking past it’s doors when it does re-open (although where to, i don’t know).

    Maybe this is a reflection on the posts made in other threads about a comment in the Wrexham Evening Leader stating Wrexham was a cultural wasteland??? (or something like that) – if the population of Wrexham can’t support a small venue like the Old Swan, then god help us!!

    It’s sad to say but Wrexham has, more often than not, followed rather than led……………

  14. But that’s the thing, it was in a sense ‘snobbish’. The Swan could be very cliquey at times and I know numerous people that avoided it or walked away feeling pretty unwelcome from their experiences there at times. Even if you disregard any musical issues, some of the people that have been associated with The Swan could be accused of being pretty narrow minded and as far away from being alternative, in it’s purest sense, as some of the people that are apparently ‘mainstream’. If The Swan re-emerges as a place that welcomes all types of people, then I for one applaud that.

  15. Every establishment in Wrexham is snobbish in that case……….you can’t move in Chicago Rock or Envy for bloody goths 😉 birds of a feather and all that….

    To be fair there was a good cross section of people in the swan, some unsavoury, some less so. There’s not many places you would get football hoolies drinking next to townies drinking next to goths drinking next to clubbers – you get the point! There was never the instant dismissal or piss taking that goes on in other establishments if your stood next someone who, ‘shock-horror’, is dressed differently to you…………..

    As Sid Vicious said – ““I’ve met the man in the street, and he’s a c*nt”

  16. I think there probably was just more of a distrust to some people but your point still stands! Had a point about the man in the street though…… he is. I’ve met him. Ha ha

    p.s. This forum thread had gone on for a bit, is the place open yet. I’m parched! x

  17. Sounds a bit suss to me, seeing as its quite obvious a broader spectrum would be hard to reach. Ah well wait and see I guess.

    Anyone know who the couple is that are taking over yet? I’m going for either Keith Harris and Orvil, or possibly Batman alongside the Riddler would be a most excellent combination………………….

  18. From what I’ve heard the outcome is even worse than expected

  19. Ditto.

  20. Gary Joy ???

  21. Thats him!

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