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Review: The No Name Janes – Pornstar Endorsed EP

by Andrew on 23 November, 2011 | 0 comments

So Punk Rock is dead? Well nobody told The No Name Janes this piece of wisdom. This melodic four piece band from Wrexham seem intent on turning back the clock to year zero or 1977 for all you youngsters out there!

Formed in early 2011 from the ashes of other punk rock bands which have bitten the dust, Carl, Lew, J and Skip have slowly been stirring up a storm on the live circuit with their energetic live shows.

Their mission statement… “melodic punk for their audience to dance and punch the air to” and this has worked with, amongst other gigs, a slot at Liverpool Sound City and a prestigious support slot with Random Hand.

Now comes the release of their first EP Pornstar Endorsed. This 3 track EP is a short burst of energy and vitality in a scene which has stagnated with too many bands focusing on more deeper concerns.

Fun, bouncy and energetic is the order of the day with The No Name Janes. Coming in at around the two minute mark Punkrock Girlfriend, See You Later S**tface and Violet is Blue fuses the melodic strains of early Green Day with the real punk sound of The Buzzcocks and The Clash.

It is refreshing to hear a band enjoying what they are doing in this day and age. The No Name Janes don’t compromise their punk rock roots in any way providing music which blows away the cobwebs.

Check out the EP at the link below and look out for some live gigs, as they are doubtless going to be a great experience:

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