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The light turns out at The Blue Lantern

by Ben Davis on 4 November, 2007 | 5 comments

The longest running open-mic night in Wrexham is to come to an end on Monday 5th November.

The Blue Lantern was founded in 2000 by Neal Thompson and his friend Laura Dickenson. The evening gave the good folk of Wrexham a chance to show off their talent’s to peers and perfect strangers, it quickly became a firm favourite in their weekly calendar – Monday = Blue Lantern at Yales’.

Every so often the night welcomed some more established artists; Tim Rose, Ox, Karima Francis and Christopher Rees, to name but a few!

Over the last year, attendance fell – some say because of the Poker League games that were held in the same room…? It became the norm that the people who were playing, also made up the majority of the audience. Where did the listeners go!?

Who know’s, The Blue Lantern may return in the future – but for the moment, the light has gone out.

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Ben Davis

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  1. What a great shame.

    I didn’t get over to any, but I know that they were appreciated within the musical community.

    Open mic nights seem to have tailed off across the country. This isn’t the first that has [temporarily] bitten the dust.

    here’s to its return!

  2. A shame indeed.

    I kind of grew up at open mic night, it was such a great place to be back in the college years. I met some great musicians and friends there.

    I’m sure the demand will come back around, I hope it does.

  3. A grate shame in deed.

    I was one (I think the first) sound engineer at the blue lantern.

    I made lots of good friends (between them Neil and Laura) and had plenty of fun there.

    Now from my home country (Spain) I feel sad fore hearing that it has come too an end.

    Just hope it comes back one day and when I get back to Wrexham I can still go round Yales on a Monday night and see my welsh mates.

    take care:


  4. Was a great night. Cheers Andy la!

  5. isn’t it funny how things are appriciated only when they’re gone!

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