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The Kooks to play Wrexham!

by Ben Davis on 9 January, 2008 | 1 comment

No, you have not misread the headline, those chart topping indie all stars are playing Central Station on the 29th January.
As part of a mini tour, The Kooks will be playing a handful of intimate shows (intimate being the word – they could easily sell out most arena’s across the nation) to test out their new album material and of course, they will no doubt be playing their hits.

The Kooks plus special guests
Tuesday 29th January
Tickets: £15 (available, here) and from Yales Cafe Bar
Doors: 7:30pm
14+ Show

Never heard of The Kooks?….Been hiding under a slab for the past couple of years?

Here’s the lowdown:

The first thing to learn about The Kooks (named, need we mention, after the track of the same name on ‘Hunky Dory’) is that, as their name suggests, they like to take a chance. But let’s get nineteen year old singer Luke Pritchard to explain: “Bands tend to do one thing and then stick to it” he says, constructing a roll-up beneath a tangle of Syd Barrett-esque curls. “With The Kooks we plan to do the opposite. When there’s so much music to explore, why limit yourself?”

Brighton’s The Kooks are that rarest of pop entities: a scuzzy, fresh-faced group to fully restore your faith in the holy grail of English singer-songwriting stretching from Supergrass via (early) Blur to The Kinks and beyond. Their songs are crammed full of incidents on buses, bedroom mishaps -more of which laterand stinging teenage putdowns which will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever found themselves fumbling for clues on the sofa, but they’re also blessed with a cheerful irreverence most record companies would prefer was preserved in amber rather than rampaging across the nation’s venues. It doesn’t end there. Pin-sharp and scarily young (guitarist Hugh usurps Jared Followill as the youngest man in rock, having just turned seventeen), they also possess record collections which date back to the dawn of time.


In the course of an hour The Kooks (Luke: vocals,guitar; Hugh Harris; lead guitar, Max Rafferty; bass, Paul Garred; drums) will happily rave about everyone from The Police to The Everley Brothers to Funkadelic to the component parts of medieval folk. Probe further and it turns out the first song they played together was The Strokes’ ‘Reptilia’.

Conducting his own research program into the likes Of Neil Young, Nick Drake and Chuck Berry, Luke recruited louche bassist Max Rafferty (first gig: Jacques Loussier) and under the tutor-duping disguise of a ‘school project’ set about becoming The Kooks. Snapped up by Virgin following an incendiary four-song debut at the Brighton Free Butt, they have since found themselves heckled in Stoke, playing to horrifying ghouls (an ill-fated Hallowe’en bash in Liverpool) and mobbed on a national tour with The Thrills, all the while fine-tuning their youthful assault in a dis-used bread factory. “We all write songs and all love loads of different music so we argue a lot about how and what to play” continues Luke. “That’s what rehearsing is about for us. But because of the way Max and Hugh play there’s a soul and reggae feel to what we do which is vital. We’re a groove rock’n’roll band who want to make people dance..”

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  1. Got my tickets today after refreshing seetickets a million times!

    Can’t wait!!

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