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The Faction’s Sounds of Summer Fest

by Ben Davis on 2 July, 2009 | 1 comment

Sounds Of Summer Fest

Wrexham promoters The Faction will be holding their first Sounds Of Summer Fest which will be taking place on Saturday 25th July at the Brymbo Sports and Social Club.

There are 8 bands on with doors opening at 5:30pm, ready to see the openers of the night, The Witherdons at 6pm, fresh from recording three new demos in the coming weeks as well as a headline set for Danny Gruff’s EP release this summer. www.myspace.com/thewitherdons

Next on will be Chesters own The Capitals, who are currently getting gigs around the North West to promote their recent release of their self entitled EP. This indie 4 piece are sure to keep producing indie pop tracks and will no doubt be gigging all accross the UK in the future. www.myspace.com/thecapitalsuk

After The Capitals we will see Revurb take to the stage in admist a plethora of gigs booked from July to October which include appearances at Oswestrys Summer Music Festival And Llangollens Music Festival. www.myspace.com/revurbuk

I Am Austin, crowned Kings of The Mountain earlier this year are sure to surprise you with their growling basslines and huge drum combo’s. Also active on the gigging scene with a couple of dates at festivals over in Germany later this year. Also their new demo is featured in out Top 5 Freshest Tracks of June. www.myspace.com/iamaustinmusic

Fresh after a great support slot with Yashin, Stokoz To Moscow are bound to get huge applause from an array of media by the end of the year. Their energetic style can be seen from influences ranging from the Foo Fighters and also Rage Against The Machine. www.myspace.com/stokoztomoscow

After Stokoz, Sinner Men will have their first festival this summer with us and will be sure to impress as probably the most imaginative progressive rock band in Wrexham. Definatly one to watch on the night! www.myspace.com/sinnermenmusic

Trader will then be Wrexham’s second headliners at our Sounds of Summer Fest, fresh from recording in Cardiff with Gethin Pearson, with 4 new mastered tracks that will engulf you with their amazing guitar sound. Check this band out if you love the likes of Interpol and Bloc Party. www.myspace.com/traderband

Our headliners on the night are Get Out Clause and have come up through the ranks to be a fantastic trio who are dubbed as ‘about to become one of Wales’ biggest bands’. Definitely signs of early Kings of Leon shine through with their catchy take on Alternative Rock. This will be the band you’ll have a new found love for. There about to go into the studio in early July to record new tracks, so expect some exquisite new tracks in the forthcoming weeks. www.myspace.com/getoutclause

Tickets are £5 from the bands or its £6 on the door. There will also be a food bar open on the night for the audience and acts.

Any more information can be obtained by emailing thefactionwxm@live.co.uk or calling the promoter, Danny Whitehead, on 07756 378704.

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  1. Roll on the 25th July (:

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