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The Big Beat team up with chart superstar

by Ben Davis on 27 September, 2010 | 0 comments

Our region, like most others, is littered with cover bands – the vast majority of them being insipid bundles of wannabe rockstars who can clear a bulging pub load of punters before they even play a note. And then of course, there’s the pro’s.

The pro’s can command monstrous amounts of money for an appearance, have their sets honed down to a faultless minute perfect barrage of anthems and most importantly of all, ‘keep em’ dancing’. These pro’s are typically accomplished musician’s in their own right and ingeniously get together to make cold hard cash – and who can blame them?

Wrexham’s The Big Beat are an example of a ‘pro’ covers band. Each musician is a polished maker in their own right, lead vocalist Matt Nicholls is the main man from Camera, lead guitarist Steve Jones and drummer James Edwards are both in The Roseville Band and bassist Jamie Owens was in Crosbi a few years back.

Diana Vickers

The Big Beat are carving a hefty reputation in the world of corporate entertainment. In the past they’ve been booked for large stadium sports events, been flown out to Turkey for a lavish conference and now they’re making headway as the backing band to the stars.

X Factor contestant and now full blown genuine pop start Diana Vickers’ record company RCA has requested The Big Beat to be her backing band for her appearance at this Saturday’s Rugby Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford. The band have been busy this week learning the tracks of her album and are due to perform to the 75,000 people with Miss Vickers at 5:30pm.


The Big Beat

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