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Spann Report: Future of the Left

by Chris Spann on 22 July, 2010 | 3 comments

It’s no secret that I really like Mclusky. The Welsh three piece were a phenomenal band who never received as much credit or recognition as they deserved, and unfortunately split up a few years ago, leaving a very admirable but barely heard musical legacy that more people deserve to hear.

So of course, when Two members of Mclusky’s final lineup decided to form Future of the Left, I was interested. ‘Curses’ was an enjoyable album, but 2009’s ‘Travels With Myself and Another’ simply blew my mind – and when I heard the band were in Wrexham, you couldn’t have held me back with a pointy stick.

We arrived early (As doors opened, in fact), and I was immediately dismayed at the lack of people around the building; or rather the complete absence, to be more precise. With twenty minutes before the first band, we were the only people there, which just made me lament Wrexham’s music scene further. Great bands, great promoters, but a crowd who seem reluctant to bother coming out.

Thankfully, by the time openers No Room For Heroes took to the stage a few more people had turned up, and a night of noise began.

No Room For Heroes remind me of a post-hardcore Arctic Monkeys. They’re loud, they’re brash, and at times they’re heavy as all hell. The band does seem a little lost on the spotlight-less stage, and as it stands they don’t quite have the presence to really make their mark. The band is less than a year old however, and the ability to master a stage is undoubtedly something that will come in time. They’re tighter than a gnat’s
chuff as well, throwing the occasional proggy breakdown into their songs flawlessly, just to catch you out, or so it seems.

Next up were Stokoz to Moscow. I feel stupid for not having listened to this band before, even more so because is their second to last ever gig. Let’s not beat around the bush here; Stokoz to Moscow are amazing. The band consists of three men, each specially trained in making the optimum possible amount of noise with their instruments and shouting/Squealing/screaming/yelping/bellowing etc. They’re a wonder to behold. Songs almost mock the listener, with three-hit drum solos, and false finishes with huge gaps in-between sections, the band more than happy to not only bulldoze you with sound, but then to laugh in your crumpled, flattened face as well. Go and see them on August 13th in the Tiv in Buckley or risk missing out on something bloody spectacular.

And on the subject of ‘bloody spectacular’, Future of the Left were next to take the stage, sneaking up on it as they did before unleashing blasts of unfettered noisy punk with a distinctly Cymraeg bent. The still woefully crowd seemed to approve of this, a few chaps in Mclusky shirts at the back nodding their heads in approval – Future of the Left were carrying on the legacy.

Future of the Left are one of the most sarcastic bands you’ll ever see or hear. Guitar lines roll their eyes while vocals sneer, and the band’s between song banter is no different. “The keyboard wasn’t working yesterday” monotones singer Falco, before adding “So it’s a source of great f**king excitement that it’s working today.” Stand-in bassist Tim also joins in, informing us that he loves playing in towns with meat in their names, before making up a string of names. The comedy is awful, but simultaneously great.

The band also don’t seem to fussed on writing a setlist based on what anyone wants to hear other than themselves. They’re not afraid to crack out B-sides and old Mclusky songs, announcing each one as being originally by a completely different band. You either get it or you don’t, but the crowd in Central seemed on the right wavelength. The show ended with the most sincere call for an encore I’ve ever seen (Sadly not granted), and I left feeling rejuvenated. As overused a phrase as it is, it really was life-affirming stuff.

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  2. I like that write up! Fair do’s!

  3. Cheers Danny, check out my blog if my writing tickles yer fancy. That goes for EVERYONE else, by the way.

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