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Socialist returns amidst initial venue uncertainty

by Ben Davis on 1 June, 2010 | 0 comments

The powers that be have gone and done it again, spoiled all of the fun. We were all gearing up for a return of the Socialist band night at The Old Swan in Wrexham following it’s unavoidable respite from the live music scene and now, once again, sources tell me they’ve pulled the plug.

But wait, what’s that? A saviour has come to the rescue in the name of Frenzi and produced a big bulging fruit laden olive branch offering their venue for the night. It’s not all that surprising though – as I think the two venues are owned by the same person. But let’s not take the romance away from it.

So now, on Friday night (4th June) the Socialist brings you their second coming at the Frenzi club above L’etage in Wrexham with a trio of bands that will no doubt whip you up into an actual real frenzy.

Coming all the way down the A55 from Bangor via a storming set at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend a couple of weeks ago, We Are Animal are headlining the return event.

Not knowing much about the band myself, I did a bit of searching around and actually found out that I’ve interviewed the lead singer before – he used to be in The Heights, who were hotly tipped a few years ago and were apparently big in Japan! Fast forward through time and following a couple of other bands namely Masters in France and Get Out Clause, the singer Owain Ginsberg now resides with We Are Animal. He is indeed one of the best frontmen/singers in North Wales and his new band have been receiving lots of press attention recently.

Sitting neatly underneath them on the bill are Wrexham’s Mother of Six. They’ve been relatively quiet following their EP release in December last year and have recently been vying for your votes for the Greenman Poll competition to win a slot opening the festival in August. Unfortunately they didn’t get through to the next round and neither did any of our local talent, which is a shame and comprehensively their loss of course. Expect an undeniable wall of soniferous doom to shed over you whilst watching and listening to the MO6, all in a good way of course.

Playing first on the night will be the equally monstrously soniferous (my new favourite word as you have probably gathered) Orient Machine. They feature ex-members of Sinner Men and following a game of pass the parcel (replacing parcels with instruments); they are now in ownership of a new sound. Dave Morait has moved from drums to take up the main vocals and guitar duties, Jason Williams has moved from guitar to the drums and Andrew Stokes, who obviously sat out of the game, is stationary on the bass.

Entry is free and the doors are at 8pm.

The Frenzi management are currently working in conjunction with the Socialist organiser, Dave Morait, in order to convert the venue into a fully fledged venue. We’ll bring you more about this as soon as we know…


Socialist MySpace
We Are Animal
Mother of Six
Orient Machine

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