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Sinner Men take Battle of the Bands crown

by Ben Davis on 17 March, 2009 | 3 comments

sinnermen1Wrexham’s Sinner Men were crowned, glorified and scattered with prizes as they took the winning spot at The Tiv’s Battle of the Bands competition.

The other hopefuls who won the Blue Peter badges were Dirty Static and I Am Austin, who I am told both created some very healthy competition.

As a winner of a competition you’d expect the prizes to be suitably dazzling and noteworthy and they are indeed. Sinner Men have won themselves a slot at the Edge Festival in April, vouchers for the Back Alley Music shop, 5 free guitar lessons (not sure if Kip would need them?) and a support slot with a major act – which will be at The Tiv, I presume.

Well done!


The Tiv

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  1. HELLO0 AGAIN !!! im the dreaded rebel against this stuff !!! BATTLE OF THE BANDS? ? can someone define or justify this logic?concept ? how can bands be up against eachother when more often than not they are of various origins of genre ? silly , its a bit like asking someone who is better – razorlight or abba , yes we can define who has sold more , but who is really better ? i think we should move on from this old hat idea , battle of the bands , healthy competition is good but…we all in it together.

  2. abba all the way for me

  3. i think we can define abba over razorlight
    battle of the bands usually are rubbish but at least its nice to see a decent band winning as its usually who has the most mates regardless of quality

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