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Review: Papyrus Young Suicide Prevention Gig

by Brendan Griffiths on 27 January, 2011 | 1 comment

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. And tonight’s Papyrus gig is a case in point. What tonight represents is a show of strength; a group of friends coming together to celebrate life and to cherish memories of those close to them.

The Scene kick off proceedings on route to their own gig later that evening. Even without their faithful The Scene have no trouble converting every last one of the audience to their cause. Tonight sees new bass player Jenni Pratt moving up a cog and bringing her contribution to the fore; playing with increased confidence and carrying the melodies with a great sense of conviction.

Mother of Six’s performance is a real spectacle; the wirey power house that is drummer James Carrington plays with such ferocity that he actually breaks his drum pedal mid song! Frontman carries the broken pedal round the audience like some kind of trophy. Then in his eagerness to fix said drums Carrot brings the backdrop for the event crashing down on him. However, the bands cranks up Ahab and are soon firing on all six cylinders. With guitarists Wes and Dave dueling from either side of the stage and with songs like S and Sushi in the set it’s clear that no minor catastrophe can thwart them.

Their set represents something significant about life and death; songs are dedicated to both recently departed Kevin Williams and the newly born baby Molly May; the latter being delivered by Father and keyboardist Terry Allen. This is a beautiful moment in the history of the band and that album can’t come quick enough.

This Arnie reunion is great stuff. The band has a relaxed allure about them and play with a breezy confidence. This is a band that isn’t afraid to write pop songs. It is unclear what the band will do in the future but judging by tonight’s performance more of the same would be clearly welcomed.

The Mayors give it their usual blend of theatrics and drama. The band has undergone many lineup changes over the years and sprouted many side projects but the current trimmed down Mayors seems to working just fine.

You can normally judge how good Gallops gigs are by how many beers guitarist has on his ryder and today is no exception. Not only does guitarist Mark Huckridge have three pints but there’s also a bottle of JD which he kindly shares with the audience. Musically Gallops are nothing short of phenomenal. Miami Spider has become an absolute classic; and their set is a fitting finale to a superb night.

As the crowd disperses into the night a candle burns brightly; the candle signifies hope, dreams and life itself. It has a precious flame, a flame that should burn slowly and brightly. Let us hope that no one ever puts that candle out too soon again.

For Mike Noble.

Posted by:

Brendan Griffiths

Email: the.scene@live.co.uk

Brendan is the organiser of The Spectrum events, which are held regularly in and around Wrexham.
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1 Comment

  1. nice ‘un brendan – another ace review- and agree with it all ; ) it was an excellent night music-wise, as well as people wise, so it was a great way to remember and honour those lovely people who have already left us too. with dedications to mike, and to kev in the songs, i was thinking of cheryl j, and jp and others that night.
    and at the after party someone Asia put on a classic acoustic nirvana song too.

    and as well as a great way of raising well-necessary money for Papyrus, it’s a great way to raise awareness of Papyrus, so more of us know what help there is available.

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