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No Room For Heroes Top the Charts

by Ben Davis on 8 December, 2009 | 2 comments

The Big Beat

NRFH on the Myspace Music video(35 secs in)

No Room For Heroes are, at the time of writing, currently enjoying the fruits of their hard work and persistence as they ride high in the number 1 spot of the official Alternative Unsigned MySpace chart, which incidentally has 200 places and is WORLDWIDE.

They’ve recently finished the recording of their debut EP ‘Into the Fight’ with producer Gethin Pearson in Pontypool and uploaded the full tracks to their MySpace page.

Coincidentally, within weeks MySpace launched their new ‘MySpace Music’ site and NRFH were featured on the official launch video on the homepage. Since then they’ve been climbing the charts until reaching the number 1 position last Sunday!

The physical release of their EP takes place at our wrexhammusic.co.uk Christmas Spruce on Wednesday 23rd December at Central Station in Wrexham.

They are currently booking dates for a tour to support their ‘Into the Fight’ EP which will see them playing up and down the UK early next year.

The full details are to be announced soon.


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  1. Well done boyos! Just to point out, they were ranked Number 1 in the Alternative Myspace Music Chart UK, not worldwide. Still awesome sauce thought 😀 x

  2. Well done the lads !! It’s a pleasure taking pictures for you !! xx

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