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No More Live Music at The Old Swan

by Ben Davis on 4 August, 2008 | 13 comments

The Old SwanAbout a month ago The Old Swan on Abbot Street was getting ready to return to it’s former glory with a couple of new tenants who were keen to retain the live music aspect of the venue. Unfortunatley they have now pulled out of the tenancy.

The brewery who owns The Old Swan, Hyde’s, have found a replacement tenant, but this time not quite what we all had in mind.

Dave Morait, former promoter at The Old Swan met with the new tenant earlier this week:

“The new tenant said he wants to go more down the same road as Le Tage – serving food and drinks to a different kind of customer. So yes, it’s game over for The Old Swan as a live music venue.”

So, the new tenant will be cashing in on the ‘of the moment’ fad of trendy establishments and adding to the myriad of faceless bars that the town has already. I can’t see it working myself.

Dave adds:

“I am in talks with the Wrexham Musical Theatre Society (opposite Matalan) to move most of the night’s from The Old Swan to their venue – Funkmode, 2ManyJDs, Selectro, Acoustic nights and the band nights.

If all goes well, this will be one hell of a venue and we will be hosting the biggest wide range of music this town has ever seen.”

Posted by:

Ben Davis

Email: ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk

Ben is the founder of wrexhammusic.co.uk.


  1. booooo

  2. bad times!

  3. Shame but not unexpected. At least there is some light at the end of the tunnel that is Cell Block Eagles Meadow. Keep up the good work Dave.

  4. come to think of it the musical society could be a good potential venue eventually when eagles meadow is complete an all
    then again they’re building apartments right next to the society haha
    can’t see the new swan working neither, they’ll have to sink a whole load of dough into making it ‘trendy’

  5. So tit feels the North east is now being closed off to bands.Looks like the Apathy has won over.Well Wrexham I hope you can rise above the rot join hands along the coast as many many great bands need some good venues to play.I mean real venues where people will actually come and pay to see new and fresh music with real promoters who know their job and look after the bands who make the effort to come out and play . its hard work which needs rewarding . Maybe people should be looking to help these bands and manage them (properly) Get North Wales on the musical map.. Lets get a touring circuit going with venues all over. . Are there any local labels / Managers / Promoters???
    Good on Dave for trying to keep the flame going.
    TWO great festivals coming up.This week its Conwy River Fest And August bank Holiday Snogfest at Hendre Hall Bangor

  6. That’s shit.
    He’ll need to invest quite abit to make it as pretentious as l’etage.

  7. How about we all chip in and Ben takes over the tenancy? 🙂

  8. “Wrexham Musical Theatre Society (opposite Matalan)”

    Thats the operatic! Its hardly one hell of a venue, its stuck in a time warp, and relies upon volunteers. Its had some financial issues too, i can’t see it becoming permanent.

  9. if you dont like it dont go there! its the best we’ve got at the moment!

  10. We need to let go of the swan now, its not the end of the world. Still they play good tunes in Chequers.

  11. I kind of saw this coming. What a shame. Many happy memories in the place with all the fun bar staff and locals. Ah well! Life goes on.

  12. Lol, i do like going there, great for a piss up, not the best music venue, its stifling! Got to make it like home suppose!

  13. Why not try the RAFA (Raffles Theatre Club now). We have a few guys who play acoustic and we are intending to hold regular acoustic nights there. Room for all!!! Holds approx. 200 and perhaps more.

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