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New Local Record Label Looking for Artists

by Ben Davis on 27 November, 2009 | 28 comments

Curious Orange Records“, a newly established, alternative record Label based in Wrexham are on the look out for new artists to help out.

Curious Orange Records

The COR label has been started by Nathan Stewart, Jonny Mak and Jim Hickson who all have a passion for music and have joined together to be able to provide artists with what is needed to try and get a foot into the music industry.

As a record label, they are not fixed to working with one genre, which lets them work with a wide variety of different bands.

If your interested, contact Nathan at ****, or search ‘Curious Orange Records’ on Facebook

Ed: Please note, Curious Orange Records are no longer in existence however there are lots of books at Amazon which provide industry contacts which you are bound to find a great help! You can find books about latest music industry contacts here.

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Ben Davis

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Ben is the founder of wrexhammusic.co.uk.
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  1. well im going to be honest im a rapper i dont know rather you all are looking for that but if so im here to say that im great at what i do without a doubt i know that i can make it i just need the right people to help me see theres curtain things that i have not learn yet but im pretty sure if there was someone who knew what they were doing could help me and i swear on my kids tears that ill be the best one day watch so let me know what can you do ?

  2. Hi my names Kyle. Other wise known as swiifty. I’m 21 from Leicester. I’ve Been Rapping for 4Years can do ote really. Rap’ RnB’ Pop’ – Ect … In now i feel its my time. I’m hard working in full of Ideas. I have demos i cound send to you if you Woud like a listen. It wound mean alot if you took time out in got back to me.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you

  3. hi im cerys and i have been playing guitar and singing for about 3 months and my friends, family and others often say that i am very good at singing and playing. I am 11 years old (Going on 12 !) But i really love this . I`m not like a teen pop princess thing(I hate them …..No afence..but…). I love rock,Indie,Pop and other like that, My influences are the stereophonics ( and my favourite band) I have writen a few songs and are writing some at the moment. If you are interested please reply.
    I Live in Wrexham,New Broughton. I can`t give no more info untill you reply. If you or anyone you know are interested in a 11 (remember going on 12…) year old girl who plays rock and the guitar please remember me and reply.Thank you !:)

  4. Hi, im 15 years old, and love singing, i have recorded myself numerous times and really wish i could be a part of a record label. i feel that i am good enough but i havent shown anyone or have been willing to until now. if you are interested please email me or something and i will send demos 🙂 (ohhmyygoshh.ox@live.co.uk)

  5. Hiya, I am trying to find record labels that may be interested in listening to my friends demos. I am more business headed than she is..

    Sairah Bracewell,
    she is 18 years old, with the voice of an angel!
    Mairah Carey BEWARE!

    You wouldnt regret getting in touch.
    If you could give me details of how to go about sending demo’s and information about your company and your policies that would be great.

    Really interested in making her hit the big time.
    Thank you

    Charly regan

  6. hi my name is cherry,

    im 13 years old and im from the south east of london. i have just suffered from the loss of my father and i have only started to recover. he was the only one in the world who belived in me and i waned to make him proud. erm do you have an adress i could send a demo c.d to??

    kind regards

    cherry swaby


  7. Hia i am only 9 but am a really good singer. would you acept my demo?

  8. my names lil j im a rapper ive recorded mixtapes and had posters made for me and also i have performed places i hundred percent no what im doing so its time to show the world my talent. contact me please on

  9. Hello,

    My name is Joshua Williams and I am a singer. I am in the porcess of recording demos some are nearly finnished. I have been singing sinc I was nine and have performed in compettitions, concerts and Musical Thatre Productions. I am currently studying performing arts majoring in singing and acting. I live in Luton and I am 18 years old

    I really need a chance to try and get myself out there and I think that your label could be my chance. If you could get back to me on jabw@hotmail.co.uk I would be so grateful.


  10. Hi,
    my name is Holly and im 15 years old,
    Me and a friend have been wanting to form a group for about a year now and we have written tons of songs and we are going to record our first album soon. We believe that we would be good for your record label and we will give you the best we possibly can, we can send you our demo if your as soon as its recorded, if your interested. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    I can give you more information though email.


  11. Hi my name is lydia im 13 almost 14 and i really enjoy singing ive been singing for years now and when i did the talent show in my comp. people were sayin i was really good and when we did the eistedford people wanted me to sing again and again. i would really like u to here my demo . coz i really want a record deal . xx plz
    from lydia 🙂

  12. Hello, My name is Caitlin i am 13 years old and have been singing for 9 years.It really took off 3 years ago when i was in a school production of Oliver twist. I was given a main role as Nancy Sykes but after the production i was offered 5 places at music studios. But i didnt accept because i didnt know if it was right for me at the time.I sometimes play keyboard i wrote most of my own songs. Singing is my life since i am a bullying victim i have no one to talk to but my music. I am so passionate about it. I love it so much. Its a big step to be a singer and thats all im hoping for. That i can live out my dream and Just be happy for once in my life. My family have my back all the way. I am so dedicated that i can do whatever life throws at me.I wouldn’t be typing this if i didnt know what i wante in life. Im not doing this for fame or money or love. Im doing it to help my family we’ve not had the best year but i know that God and Family go first My music career is also my life but i only live for the love and passion of my family/friends.

    Thankyou for taking time to read this
    i appreciate it
    God Bless

  13. Oh and i live In Manchester England. Im not permitted to give anymore information until a replied message is recieved thankyou
    God Bless
    Thankyou Lord or putting me in this position thankyou wrexham music for taking time to read this
    All my love

  14. hey, i’m michelle and i’m 17 from south west london.
    I’ve been interested in singing for years now!!
    but unfortunately have never really tried to do anything about it, i don’t really know how to explain what i sound like but it’s kinda different (kinda huskyish or so im told!)
    i’m really interested in doing something about my singing, i’ve loved doing it for so long!!
    well thanx for reading this anyway..
    take care!

  15. I’m Sinead,14,from ireland.
    I have a passion for singing,I am currently getting lessons,have been for the past 8 months,I have over 80 songs written in the past year.I have a wide vocal range – so i’ve been told.
    I hope and pray that you will offer me the opportunity for pursuing my goal.

  16. Hi My names Ed, I was wondering weather you could email a phone number too actually speak to a member, instead of posting it in the open. Thanks

  17. I really enjoy singing but like most people im finding it hard for people to listen to my music. I have wrote a few of my own songs and i am recording a few songs in August. I would love to join a company that could lead me to success and im sure many other people visiting this website also agree. Could you please send me an email letting me know what you think. Im in to most music in the charts like most people my age but i think that maybe i have something special, which most people tell me. Thanks

  18. Hi there, my name is emma. I am based in lincolnshire, uk. I sing country/ soft pop music and i am very good. I have performed at weddings and in shows. Please contact me for further details. Look forward to speaking with you.


  19. hi im a rapper with difference i like to make party tunes and good mood tracks, if you get back to me i could send a few tracks through email, im turning 17 in june also experienced as i have performed at town festivals get in toch and let me know if youre interested, hope to speak soon!

  20. Hi, i play bass in a band called Jesters of Malice. We believe we have something to offer to your record label so if you get the chance check out myspace.com/jestersofmalice and check out our current songs. we will be recording another 4 song demo very soon with bigger and better songs. please drop us an email with any feedback or if you are interested in working with us in the future. we look forward to hearing from you

  21. im 26 and pretty sure id be in ya top ten money makin artist. cause lets face it everyone here loves music but in the end everyone of us want glamor and glits, i just make good music PERIOD, rap is my strong point but i do my own twist on rock and rap. i make music that sticks in the music lovers heads which is what makes the money, Jon Hoffa bout dat money!!!!!!

  22. hi there im a producer with lots of good hip hop instrumentals that need to be released maybe you can help me out. i have 22 years experience in producing and i seek a good deal that involves i tunes or something similar i will email you some of my beats im also a good rapper and dj, please get back to me

  23. yea i would like to hear some of ya beats! we could send em to jamz and let him master them. hit me up phenix203@live.com

  24. Hi names Jada Smith, 13yrs old, sings hip-hop Rnb Soul and rap, favourite artist is the Late Aaliyah Haughton, my cousin is the singer Gabrielle but we lost contact years ago. I love to sing, my mother is a drug addict who come in and out of prison and I never knew my Dad, I live in foster care right now but before lived with my Grandparents who told me I will never become a famous singer but I want to prove them wrong. I have been to a studio before with my 1st foster mum and the guy who was recording said he wanted me to come back again because he loved my voice, the foster career got jealous and told me to move, so I lost contact with him  I really hope you can help me. X

  25. Hey, i know i am only 13 but still! i have the biggest passon for music ever, i am a singer and i am always singing and talking like there is no tomorrow, most people tell me to shut up, i sing so much! i have been singing ever scince i am 4 years old. my friends and family have always told me that i have the potential to make it so i hope you can help me out! x

  26. Hello my name is LOST SMOKE. I’m an artist/ghostwriter living in germany & have been making music for awhile now. I’m working on my 3rd LP now and have performed with alot of people who come from the States, Poland, and other parts of the world. I’m american and live in germany because its easier to tour. I’m 1 artist from a crew called NOO AGE. Also performed and friends with UK artist Seanie T and Black Twang. They shot a video with NATO a group in our crew last year. I have a video called Many Cats feat B Rule thats on Youtube and theirs other videos up that we’ve done up solo & collectively as well. I really wanna ghostwrite for artist rap, R&B, and try other genres as well. This is what I do. Hope to hear from you thanks for your time.

  27. My names Abigail, Im 14 and have loved singing from a young age, i can play guitar and violin, my mum sings, my sister sings my dad plays guitar and ive basically been braught up with a musical family, i have a youtube account ‘ type in’ abzthemissy’ and it will show me singing various of songs, I would love to be part of a record label and actually make something of myself because its what I love to do best? help?

  28. hi.
    my name is greg im from scotland and i love to sing i have been told im good by my friends and my dream is to be big and be a star. im comming up 15 this august. i like R&B, SOUL, DANCE and POP. thanks for reading, email if interested 🙂

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