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Heavens Basement – Mon 07 Dec – Central Station – Wrexham

by Ben Davis on 5 December, 2009 | 0 comments

Heavens Basement
Monday, December 7, 2009
7:00pm - plus Dear Superstar, New Device and Decedenze - 14+
Hill Street
Wrexham LL11 1SN
Other Info
Born from the five corners of the UK in 2008 with a sole ambition between them; to reach the summit of their potential and to be regarded alongside the bands that inspired them.

Heaven's Basement are about evolution, growth and reaching new heights. Defiance, risk taking, and self-challenge are their hallmarks.

"We're all about big, energetic, statements of intent", says frontman Richie. "We're the band that will make you fall in love with Rock n' Roll all over again".


"It's apparent that the headliners are currently hot news as soon as we descend the stairs...it seems increasingly unlikely that this UK act are going to remain unsigned for long. If tonight's reaction is anything to go by, the band have a bright future ahead" - METAL HAMMER live review

"Heaven's Basement play as if their lives depend on it. They should already be a big name - bristling riffs and jagged, riotous hooks are their poison and exceptional is not too strong a word. They shoot their songs out like desperate, last gasp bullets and leave this tiny stage to a deservedly disproportionate ovation" - KERRANG! live review

"This test-the-water six-tracker finds the band stoked up, aggressive as marooned dogs and imbued with the same brand of fiery melodies that got us all excited about them in the first place. Hopefully these richly deserving young bloods playing caustic hard rock will get their due reward" - KERRANG"! e.p review

"The Venue's packed. Attractive girls, old-school rockers, new-era wannabe rock stars, all hoping that Heaven's Basement will be the real deal, rather than papier-mache heroes who'll crumble under the pressure of expectation. Thankfully the band deliver. The best british band of this type...Heaven's Basement have the potential to match their ambition"
- CLASSIC ROCK live review

"With appreciation for the music from our rock legends, these talented musicians are writing their own chapter in the "THE BOOK OF ROCK". Not retro nor alternative...a sound that grabs you by the throat and will leave your senses rocked for days! A sound simply titled HEAVEN'S BASEMENT! Believe all you have heard, read and seen about this band. These rockers from the UK are BADD ASS!" - The Atomic Chaser, THE DRP/All Access Magazine (Los Angeles, CA)

"Heaven’s Basement is dirty. It’s filthy. It’s sleazy. It’s gutter-rock by way of traditional heavy metal, and it’s straight-up awesome. From the minute the five-piece steps on stage you get the impression that this is the band of the night and do they ever prove it. The band gets down and dirty and receives a boisterous reception for its troubles. Wearing its influences on bare arms (there’s a touch of Sabbath, a smidgen of the Crüe and more than a healthy portion of Axl Rose) iIt’s all snarling lyrics, melting solos and pure attitude. Terrific." - Alex Hambleton, DTA Music Review - Luton '08

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