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Gallops keep adding notches

by Ben Davis on 1 October, 2009 | 3 comments

Did everyone see Gallops on Hollyoaks on Monday night? Not the usual Hollyoaks, the ‘late’ version – the one with extra frolicking etc. Those with quick reactions or a steady pause finger would have noticed them playing on stage in the background whilst the soap characters were ‘acting’ amongst the throngs.

That’s another notch they can carve into their bedposts – national TV airtime.

Another score on the post is that they’ve been booked to play at an In the City showcase event in Manchester.

Those not au fait with In the City would be impressed to know that it’s the UKs largest Music Industry get together and has helped launch the careers of an incredible list of music royalty; Oasis, Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, Suede, The Verve, Coldplay, Daft Punk, I could go on. Oh and let’s not forget The Darkness.


Gallops MySpace
In the City

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Ben Davis

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  1. lets forget the darkness

  2. I agree!

  3. Llay cap is mint! x

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