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Festival Season Survival Tips #1

by Ben Davis on 6 July, 2012 | 0 comments

When you are heading to a festival over the coming months it’s important to make sure that you’re adequately prepared. Not only should you be ready for the amount of immense fun that you are going to have, but you should also plan for the inevitable rain! If you have planned well enough, then such situations will not ruin your weekend and you can get on with enjoying the music and the wonderful atmosphere.

There are a few essentials that you should bring with you. The most important of these has to be Wellies. Nothing will prepare you for the seas of mud and puddles that will descend upon that remote farm or large field if rain decides to join in with revellers, however this can be tackled head-on with dry feet. So when you are packing, before you hit the xbox or begin reading a book, remember to bring your wellies. To go along with this, bring a waterproof jacket, preferably with a hood as an umbrella can be amazingly inconvenient in a surging crowd of people.

Bring sunglasses for those sunny days and sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned. Dry shampoo works wonders for hiding the fact that you haven’t showered in three days and spare clothes are necessary for when you fall over in the mud or get slightly too rained-on. If you are camping, then bring a tent that you at least have a vague idea of how to put up, as well as a blow-up mattress and sleeping bag. Try not to bring too many valuable items, as these can easily get misplaced or stolen at a festival. Last but by no means least, do not forget your ticket!

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