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Danny Gruff to release ‘Homegrown’ EP

by Ben Davis on 18 January, 2010 | 1 comment

Danny Gruff

It’s been a long six months since Danny Gruff released anything new, but he’s not been hidden away. Instead he’s been constantly gigging, recording and writing to keep the momentum going off the back of his previous release ‘Last of the Big Time Small Town Lads’, which was hailed an immense success and sold out completely.

This second release takes a complete different slant compared to the first. Firstly, the new EP ‘Homegrown’ will feature 8 new recordings and an additional 3 live recordings. All these tracks have been written, recorded and produced by Danny himself which is the theme throughout the EP.

Danny explains:

“I took some comments which some people made about the first EP to help me make this EP better. Some people were saying how it sounded too produced and not at all like how my live show sounds. So this EP includes minimal overdubs, most of it is just one acoustic and one vocal. I feel like I’ve found my sound, all the tracks work really well next to each other.

There are a couple of new re-recordings of songs taken from his first EP, ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Last of the big time small town lads’. Also on the release are new recordings of his live favourites, ‘Homegrown’, ‘Growing Up’ and ‘Time Wasted’. There is even a track from Danny’s days with his old band The Rigbys”.

Danny will be releasing ‘Homegrown’ on 30th January at The Swan in Pen Y Bryn, Wrexham. It is free entry, and the EP will cost £3.

Danny continues:

“I’ve decided to make the EP launch free entry, as people paid for the first one. It’s only fair to have a free gig to launch the second EP”.

Danny will also be playing with his band on February 8th at Central Station, Wrexham supporting ‘The King Blues’. Tickets are priced at £8.50. To get reduced ticket prices, contact Danny through his myspace.(www.myspace.com/dannygruff)

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