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8th May 2008

by Ben Davis on 17 October, 2008 | 0 comments

Everyone have a good Bank Holiday weekend? Apart from the weather being its usual British self, I had an altogether lovely time. On Sunday I bore witness to what was possibly the greatest clash of footballing Titan’s ever known to man. The Dogs B*****ks versus Beer & Burger Utd down at the Bricky field in Wrexham. A full 11 a-side, 45 minutes each way complete with thunder, lightning and a godly sized downpour from the heavens above. 9-2 to the DB’s was the final score for anyone who is vaguely interested. A rematch is on the cards no doubt.

This week there is a distinct lack of anything happening, except for a few interesting gigs that I will tell you about later. I’m saying this but realistically there are probably events going on that I don’t know about, so I wouldn’t take my accounts as the gospel, savvy?

Tonight The Loose Kites from Chester are playing the Old Swan in Wrexham. The ‘Kites as I’m going to refer to them from now on have had jubilant praise shelved onto them from BBC Radio Merseyside, Dee FM, XFM, BBC Stoke Radio and remarkably Tony Visconti – the famous producer of David Bowie, Morrissey and T-Rex. The ‘Kites have recently received some international airplay from Germany, Spain and the US and are currently on a jaunt around the North. It’s free to get in and begins at about 8pm.

Panic Promotions are having a break from their Battle of the Bands competition this week with a trio of bands playing. Headlining will be Dead World Leaders. Hailing from Sheffield and signed to October Frequency records, the blanket description of this quartet is Indie and you can instantly hear the likes of U2 and the Police twist of 90’s Britpop that is often overlooked in the modern new wave Indie scene (probably not entirely a band thing). Second on the bill are Young Underground who are preceded by A59. They are based in Wrexham but have a style not a million miles away from US West coast punk acts such as Blink 182 and Green Day.

Tomorrow night at the Old Swan they have the ‘No UFOs’ house-techno-electro dance night with DJs Martin McCready and Andy Muir. It’s free to get in and boarding commences at 8pm.

On Saturday eve, Telfords Warehouse in Chester have Mankala playing. Formed in Bristol in 2003, they play a fusion on Afro Caribbean, reggae and afro-beat. The band brings together members from all over the globe including Zambia, Tenerife, England and Martinique (I too had to look up where that was – it’s not far from Barbados). If you like your bass lines groovy and your melodies laid back then this is the venue for you this evening. It’s free before 10pm, £4 thereafter and the in-between and post DJ duties are provided by Jon Nelson.

If you fancy a trip to Denbigh on Saturday, there is the Denbigh Record and CD Fair hosted by Vod Music. Expect to find collectable vinyl, CDs, DVDs, magazines and memorabilia on offer from the best dealers in the UK. It’s taking place at the Town Hall, Admission is 50p and you get a free newsletter, for more info visit myspace.com/vodmusic.

On Sunday, Telfords Warehouse is bringing Rachel Rimmer over from Stoke-on-Trent to host their open mic night. An ex professional ballet dancer, she is only 22 and has been compared to Joni Mitchell and Sade. Its free entry, anyone is welcome to showcase their talents and it starts at 8pm.

Keeping with the open mic theme, the newly reinstated Blue Lantern night at Yales Bar in Wrexham is held every Monday from 8pm and is £2 entry (£1 back if you play). Alexander’s in Chester hold their weekly free stage on Tuesdays; it’s hosted every week by Mick Green and Graham Bellinger and is £3 to get in.

On Wednesday the Rebellion team returns to Central Station in Wrexham to refuel those hungry metal/emo/punk/speedcore/grunge/grindcore/noisecore/nu-metal kids with some dark oats. Its £4 entry, 14+ ages are welcome and it opens at 6pm.

The Malthouse Pub (previously The Caia Pub) on Caia Road in Wrexham is on the look out for bands to play there. If anyone is interested, contact Mark on 01978 355275.

As always, email me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk with your news and goss and I’ll strive to mention it for you next week.

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