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6th November 2008

by Ben Davis on 7 November, 2008 | 0 comments

You will be overwhelmed to learn that this is the week that Charlie from Busted is playing Wrexham with his own band, Fightstar. Overwhelmed with dullness that is. Here’s the story, a member of a teen-pop drivel band abandons his pre-moulded and chart-tastic roots to form a post-hardcore guitar band with some mates he met at a party – you couldn’t make it up could you? Well that’s exactly what he did and whether or not it was the right decision to make, well that’s up to him, but I can tell you he isn’t selling out Wembley Arena anymore, he’s playing Central Station in Wrexham on Sunday night. If you haven’t seen them live before, you’ve probably still got both of your ears intact and that’s because you haven’t ripped either of them off. Supporting Fightstar will be Fei Comodo, Force Fed Fury and My Turn To Kill. Besides my usual sarcasm though, I’m sure it will be a lovely gig to attend of a Sunday evening. Its £12 advance and £15 on the door.

Everybody knows the song ‘Build Me Up Buttercup. I bet you can hum the chorus without a seconds thought? How about ‘Baby Now That I’ve Found You?’ Well, the group who created and performed those songs are playing Wrexham’s Memorial Hall on Saturday. When I say the group, I mean more the actual name really, since the 1960’s they’ve had 22 different members and only 1 original member plays in the group today. Its £10 a ticket and I’ve no idea where you get them from, which is of no use to you but I’d take a gamble at turning up on the night. I’d also ask for a refund if they don’t play ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’.

It’s another round of the ‘King of the Deck 2008’ competition at Liquid tomorrow night. I’m on the judging panel again. With knowing absolutely nothing about current dance music I thought the last round of judging went remarkably well, mostly because I didn’t have to judge anything at all. There were four contestants lined up to perform in front of the Liquid crowd and on the day two of them pulled out, I’ve no idea why, maybe they found out I was one of the judges and couldn’t handle the pressure? I expect not. Anyway, as it happens we had to put two through to the next round so in fact there was no judging to be done, except for pretend scribbling and chin-stroking for the crowd’s sake. So it’s onto round 2 of 3 at Liquid tonight and hopefully I can justify the free drinks by actually doing something. I hate to be a ligger.

The closing night of the Malthouse Pub on Caia Road in Wrexham is happening tomorrow night. Over the past few month’s a small group of bands have made it their own gigging residence, away from the bustle of the town centre. It’s a shame to see it go and hopefully the bands will find an equally welcoming bosom to play in. To celebrate the memories they have decided to host a ‘Malthouse Meltdown’ – a last stand if you will. Playing will be Trader, No Room For Heroes, A59, The Capitals, Danny Gruff (yes, the one and only) and Greg Nicholas. Doors are 7pm and it’s £3 entry.

There’s a special Panic Promotions gig at McLean’s in Pentre tonight. It’s the album launch night of singer-songwriter Jay Witty. Named after his zodiac sign, Cancer and was recorded at Mad Dog Studios in Deeside and is Jay’s second album outing, the 14 track long player contains his recent MySpace download ‘Nightlife’ and also live favourites ‘Love Bus 16, ‘Dancefloor Song’ and ‘Work That’. Supporting Jay will be Yea Boii (of which singer Pat Davey appears on the album) and Inspite of Appearances (member Stacey Young also guests on the album). Doors are 8pm and it’s £4 entry.

Saturday night will see the return of the Redi Sessions. They used to be held in the Old Swan a couple of years back but now with the Talbot re-opening The Redi have seen the gap and are about to cork it up. Headlining will be the majestic sounds of Heal The Last Stand, with Andy Jones (Roseville Band), Andy Hickie and Gintis also playing. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Gintis before. They hail mostly from Rhyl and party from Chester and we’ve had them play at our gigs a number of times – if you haven’t seen them live before you NEED to see them on Saturday night. I won’t even begin to describe their sound as words cannot do them justice. Doors are 9pm and it’s a paltry £2 entry.

There’s so much more to write about this week but irritatingly I’ve reached my limit. Limit on words that is. Email me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk with your news and I’ll do my best to include it next week. Take care.

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