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26th March 2009

by Ben Davis on 31 March, 2009 | 0 comments

Polly’s back. With her band the Pleasure Principle she attracted a wealth of attention whilst over at the SXSW Festival in Texas last week. We had a real-time Twitter feed up on wrexhammusic.co.uk which highlighted tweets from people commenting about the band and what came through was all good, including a post from an A & R bloke who’s worked with Madonna and the B52’s! I’ve no doubt they’ve made lots of worthwhile contacts and impressed the right industry suits. Polly Mackey & the Pleasure Principle’s next gig is at the Surface Unsigned Festival in Manchester on March 29th.

Wrexham band Revurb have signed up to the ‘Road to V’ competition with over 100 fans supporting them so far. Stokoz to Moscow are still riding high in the charts on the competition website – they are in the top 10 of the ‘most popular artists’ chart. Get on the website, www.roadtov.com and start voting for your local bands.

The Roseville Band have uploaded a large chunk of their forthcoming debut album ‘Little Eyes in the Universe’ onto their MySpace page; ‘Boxer’, ‘Bullet Eyes’, ‘On Our Way’ and ‘Out Of Control’ and the incredible mandolin driven ‘The Less I Want’. Following on from last year’s ‘Where Have You Been?’ EP, their debut album has been recorded with producers Dom McCready and Lance Thomas (whose CV includes PJ Harvey and Ladytron), and is ready for release soon. Take your ears for a treat over at myspace.com/therosevilleband.

Speaking of The Roseville Band, they are playing their first hometown show of the year when they headline tomorrow night’s Redi Nights event at Central Station. Also playing is Heal the Last Stand, Brendan Griffiths and the inspiring Craig Williams. Entry is £5 and includes DJ sets from Jamie Barlow and Indie Rock n Roll following the live music. Doors are 9pm.

1up! Promotions are having their 1st Birthday tomorrow night at Bradley Cricket Club. They’ve got No Room For Heroes, I Am Austin, Little Red Boats, Tell The King and The Witherdons playing. Tickets are £5 and are available from the bands.

Juno and the Mook played a low-key debut gig last Saturday at the Prohibition Bar in Wrexham. Reports and photos suggest that the gig was extremely well endowed with people and more importantly listeners. You can see them perform at the wrexhammusic.co.uk 3rd Birthday on Friday 3rd April at Central Station. Lense Eyes was there to capture the moment, to view the full set of photos go here: http://tinyurl.com/junomook.

Chaos Theory Promotions are bringing an altogether power-punk-pop show to Central Station next Wednesday. They have London based ‘Paige’ and Lancashire based ‘Me Vs Hero’ playing. Supporting them are Wrexham’s Smile Like Texas, who I stumbled across the other day to find that they have a small cult following in these parts. They are a two piece synth-pop band from consisting of vocoderphile vocalist Sammy Clifford and beat, synth and harmony master Sebastian Barlow. Starting in late 2008 the band’s sound echoes the early styling’s of Nevershoutnever! They combine synth, vocoder based singing, duets and harmonies and at their first ever live show in February they recruited a drummer to beef up their live sound. Also playing next Wednesday are Slightly Generic and I Said Spy. Doors are 7pm and entry is £7.

Leeds based Keyboard super group The Brett Domino Trio will be showing off their eccentric talents at the .org at Telfords Warehouse tonight with the use of such musical delights as the Keytar, Stylophone, Theremin & Kazoo. They’ve been championed by Chris Moyles – but don’t let that put you off. It’s £6 entry and £5 with NUS, doors are 8pm.

Gallops have confirmed they will be recording their new EP very soon. They are currently in talks with producer Tom Woodhead, who has personally requested them to use his services – incidentally he is also the lead singer of Forward Russia, who are currently on hiatus. Check out his myspace here: myspace.com/tomwoodhead. In other Gallops related titbi ts, they’ve confirmed an appearance at the ‘Sounds from the Other City’ Festival in Salford in May. They are playing the Swn night at the Sacred Trinity Church alongside a DJ set from BBC’s Huw Stephens. A gig in a church. Sacred as well. Now that is something to witness.

That’s another week all wrapped up and dispatched. They go quick don’t they? Email me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk with your news. Take care.

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