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26th December 2008

by Ben Davis on 4 January, 2009 | 0 comments

I’m stuffed. I’ve eaten so much I can hardly see the toilet pan. Did you all enjoy it then, did the big man bring you all what you wanted and more? Or was it just another anti-climax? Either way, it’s over now, but you can’t rest – there’s still plenty of celebrating to do, its 2009 next Thursday! I was thinking the other day, when it’s 2010, what will they call that decade? This decade is called the ‘noughties’, last decade was the ‘nineties’ – the ‘tennies’ just doesn’t have a sufficient ring to it, who decides what to call them anyway?

Traditionally the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is a quiet one for gigs and such and this year doesn’t seem to want to break the tradition, especially on New Year’s Eve. There’s still a few picks I’ve got for you though.

Like going to watch your football team play every year on Boxing Day without fail, Central Station continue to pull out a top of the range gig for you each Boxing Day. We’re all on the winning team tonight as this year they have Camera, The Roseville Band, JKLMNO, Heal the Last Stand and Craig Williams playing. That is one tasty line-up. It will be Camera’s first hometown gig for what seems far too long, a chance to catch The Roseville Band before they go into the studio to record their debut album (more about that later) and no-one that stands on this planet can deny liking Heal the Last Stand and Craig Williams. It’s actually illegal in some countries. With a severe penalty for not abiding to it.

Local legend Adam Walton is bringing his Pet Sounds to Telfords Warehouse tonight. He’ll be taking along with him his Mary Poppin’s-esq record bag, which is a collector’s wet dream. Luckily enough he likes nothing best but to share his heavily stuffed bag of delights with everyone in sight and that’s because he is an extremely nice and generous man. Get there for 9pm and you won’t miss out.

I mentioned before that The Roseville Band are going into the studio to record their debut album. Starting from 14th January they will be heading into the Filter Rooms recording studio in Wrexham with in-house producer Dom McCready and esteemed producer Lance Thomas, who has previously worked with PJ Harvey, Ladytron, The Farm and Twisted Charm.

Their album release will be managed by the London based music consultants Tri-tone, who work with a number of high profile acts and labels – Badly Drawn Boy, The Coral, Calexico, Justice, EMI and B-Unique to name a few. Quite a bit of name dropping there. It’s great news for our ‘Welsh Kings of Leon’ and hopefully they’ll achieve the attention they have worked so hard for.

Right OK, I only know of one event that’s happening on New Year’s Eve, and it’s not really music related at all, but I imagine music will be actually played, otherwise that would be rubbish wouldn’t it. It’s not good really is it, not having any gigs on New Year’s Eve, last year we (wrexhammusic.co.uk) had The Pirates of Menzpants playing at Central Station but this year it just didn’t work out (I’m blaming the Credit Crunch, might as well, everyone else is). So, the only event I can find you is at Telfords Warehouse where they are having a ‘Bad Taste Ball’. For the privilege of the £20 ticket, Telford’s will be a politically correct free zone where you can dress up as you like; crimes against fashion, black and white minstrels, the 1980’s, investment bankers, unloved Christmas jumpers, Basil Fawlty, garden gnomes, Russell Brand… the list goes on. I think I’d rather just buy a crate from Bargain Booze and live the dream at home.

Last of all I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who came and also played at our Christmas Spruce last Tuesday. We promised some packed out Crimbo carnage and you certainly got it! I just hope our 8ft friend got home safely; it was looking a bit unlikely at one point with all the attention he was getting. I’m sure he’s looking forward to next year’s Spruce, and I hope you are too, I for one cannot wait.

Don’t forget you can email me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk if you want anything mentioning (music related would be good). See you in 2009, take care.

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