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17th July 2008

by Ben Davis on 17 October, 2008 | 0 comments

I told you a couple of weeks ago about the possibility of Britain’s greatest new band, Glasvegas playing at Central Station. It isn’t going to happen anymore. Apparently everyone was on board; the band, the management and the booking agency. Guess who messed it up? The suits. The suits at the record company. It seems Wrexham isn’t good enough! Balls to them. Unfortunately, the next time they are booking a tour, Central Station will more than likely be too small a venue for them. They’re still an ace band though.

If you’ve got an abundance of pent-up anger wriggling inside of you, which lets face it, most 16+ teenagers have nowadays for some reason, you may want to exorcise it in a primal scream fashion down at the McLean’s club in Pentre tonight. Panic Promotions have 3 bands of the heavy variety playing – Severenth (Chester), Decadenze (Wrexham) and The Day Before Mortality (Deeside). Entry is £4 and doors are 7:45pm.

Down at the Frog and Nightingale tonight they have The Prestige playing. They are a young indie band from Llandudno (the youngest member being 15 years old) and have played all over the North West and North Wales. They won the Colwyn Bay Battle of the Bands competition in May and have subsequently booked gigs at the Carling Academy in Liverpool, The Roadhouse in Manchester and tonight in Chester. Possibly a band to look out for? See for yourself from 8pm.

There’s some hillbilly, check-shirt wearing, tobacco chewing, gun-toting (fake), foot-stomping action tonight at Central Station as Hayseed Dixie are bringing their Southern twangs to Wrexham. They were quite popular a couple of years back when they released a cover album of ‘country-fied’ AC/DC songs and they are back in the country to promote their new, self-penned album, ‘No Covers’. Here’s a bit of pub ammo for you: the term ‘hillbilly’ stereotypically refers to someone who comes from the rural areas of Southern USA, which were first inhabited by the Scotch-Irish in the 1700’s. The term ‘Hillbilly’ comes from the two Scottish words ‘hill-folk’ and ‘billie’ (a synonym for ‘bloke’). Well, I found it interesting. Tickets for the show tonight are £15 and doors are 7:30pm.

wrexhammusic.co.uk GOOD TIMES! Festival countdown reminder: 1 week to go! – This time next week you’ll be packing your treasured possessions for a weekend of outdoor camping and indoor music. If there are any tickets left, you can purchase them on the gate for £20 each on Friday 25th July until 9pm. You won’t be able to purchase ticket/s after
this time. You can buy your tickets online at www.seetickets.com or in person at Yales Café Bar, Wrexham.

Tomorrow night the REDI Nights return for their 6th birthday party at Central Station in Wrexham. Headlining will be Arnie and other acts playing include Trader, Catskills, Stolen Volume and an acoustic set from The Django’s. It will cost you £6 on the door and opens at 9pm. After the bands finish, DJs Jamie Barlow and Indie Rock n Roll will be entertaining from the decks.

Your other option tomorrow night in Wrexham is at The Malthouse on Caia Road. There you will find a full-band set from Roy Destroy, who have been busy recording material at The Filter Rooms recording studios. This show will be their first headline set with support coming from Polly Mackey. It’s free entry and kicks off at 8pm.

Saturday night is all about Chester. Telfords Warehouse have local electronica/rock deities Out From Animals playing. They impressed the judges on the Channel 4 T-Mobile Unsigned Act competition last year with BBC Radio 1’s Jo Whiley saying they were ‘the most relevant thing’ she’d heard. After the band finished you’ll be treated to tunage by the Funkdub DJs for the rest of the night. It’s free before 9pm and £4 thereafter.

Here’s a bit of gossip for you, and because it’s gossip, I’m not going to reveal the full details. Word on the street is that the recently closed down Mitre pub (or the Mitre Vaults) in Wrexham is to re-open with a new owner and a live band stage. I remember going there as a college student and drinking (underage stylee) in what I thought was someone’s living room, but in fact turned out to be the Mitre. I thought it was a bit odd having a fully functioning bar in the house. You couldn’t make it up. Anyway, there might be some more news about this in the future or there may not, who knows!

Thanks for reading, come back again next week. Email me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk with any news you have. Take care.

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