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14th February 2008

by Ben Davis on 14 February, 2008 | 0 comments

Lord above, how quick does the week go by? Before we all know it we’ll all be resting in our nursing homes comforted by our tartan Marks and Spencer’s slippers, chattering about ‘back in the day’ and sucking on Werther’s Originals. But before then we have some living to do.

It always amazes me to see there is so much music happening in a relatively small area and if we compared ourselves to one of the archetypal music regions (Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield) we would stand up chest out and head high next them, no messing. With this in mind, it becomes increasingly frustrating when we seem to be contstantly off the radar of the influential record company A+R people and the national media glitterati. As testament to this there is the usual bustling week ahead. Not only is it half-term for the students, on Thursday it’s Valentine’s Day for the lovers and there are a number of events to help you sizzle your bacon.

Like dressing up of a Thursday evening? I thought so. You need head down to Mclean’s in Pentre where Panic Promotions are having a ‘Vicars & Tarts’ fancy dress themed gig. Performances come from New Wave Pawn, Catharsis (from Deeside) and Founded by Thought (from Neston). Its 16+, doors are 7:45pm and it’s £3 entry. Remember – don’t forget to return the dog collar to the Rectory before the Friday morning sermon or there will be hell to pay.

Tonight will witness Little Caesar, Gasana, The Unwanted and Craig Williams grace the wrexhammusic.co.uk stage at Central Station. I’ve been thinking over where to pigeon hole the Little Caesar sound. I can only attempt to – Kasabian, The Editors, The Strokes and a wall of sound as big as Roger Daltrey’s pension paying trout farms. First up tonight will see Craig Williams make his debut performance at Central Station. Having only played a handful of gigs, Craig is proving himself to be a well crafted songwriter with lyrics that carry a story in a way Lee Mavers would applaud. He will be accompanied by brother Lance (of Leaving Isaacs Shop). Doors are 7:30pm; over 14’s are welcome and its £3 entry with a flyer (print one off from wrexhammusic.co.uk) or £4 on the door.

Down by the canal in Chester, the Frog and Nightingale play host to The Dave Greenald Experience. Cited as Chester’s answer to a musical Gandalf without the stick, Dave is a renowned performer on the scene and has been for a number of years. If you like Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave then you can do no wrong by getting there for 8pm and paying nothing for the privilege.

The Old Swan have a heavyweight line-up for us this Saturday. Becoming increasingly somewhat of a rare occurrence, Cream Tangerine will be back performing on the deck. The Tange’ are one of the founding fathers of the current generation of Wrexham’s music scene and it’s hard to imagine it without them. I remember writing an article about them for the Yale College student magazine about 8 years ago; they were as ferociously good back then as they are now. Supporting them are The Dead Class, a punk band from Liverpool. Proceedings begin at 9pm and of course, it’s free to get in.

Also on Saturday, Telfords Warehouse in Chester are glamming it up with 586. Compared to Arcade Fire, The Moldy Peaches and ermmm The B52’s, they have been known to take part in onstage dance offs, glitter explosions, comedic stand-ups and gifts for their adoring audiences. This sounds like a spectacle not to be missed. It’s free entry before 10pm and £4 thereafter.

If you have any energy left after the weekend, get on this. On Monday Chaos Theory Promotions kick back at Central Station with Punchline and The Get Go. It’s not often a band from over the pond comes to Wrexham, never mind TWO of them. Punchline are from Pittsburgh US of A and The Get Go from Chicago US of A. I forecast some messy moshing and serious punk throngings so mind your toes. Support comes from In City Light (Chester) and A59 (Wrexham). It’s a 14+ gathering, doors are 7pm and tickets are £6.

How to better your life this week: listen to Mechanical Owl. Otherwise known as Mike Payne, he has been away at University in Leeds for the past few years but is know back in his hometown of Mold. Listening to his songs though you’d think he has travelled around the world, via Scandinavia and back again. Think Sigur Ros soundscape’s and synth’s coupled with Thom Yorke’s delivery. Expose yourself to ‘Brittle II’ and you’ll never be the same again. Go visit myspace.com/mechanicalowl and tell the world.

If you have any appetising news or events, email them through to me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk. That’s your rich pickings for this shift, see you next week.

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