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13th November 2008

by Ben Davis on 13 November, 2008 | 0 comments

A friendly and gentle welcome to another weekly round up of musical adventures from across the region, all of which you can partake in, if you choose to.

Wrexham’s Whitepriest have been hidden away for months on end now. Their only appearance recently was a low-key outing at the wrexhammusic.co.uk Good Times! Festival in July and since then they’ve been cranking up their song machine to ‘11′ – crafting and moulding new songs and sounds.

Now they are back to try and reclaim their rightful title of Wrexham’s favourite song-smiths. To announce their long awaited return to the front, there is surely no better way than a headlining set at myself and Andy’s wrexhammusic.co.uk night which is happening tonight at Central Station.

Supporting Whitepriest will be Alex Pennie’s new band ‘Decimals‘ who are on their first UK tour. Some might remember ‘Pennie’ from his previous band The Automatic – he was the crazy demonised keyboardist who also had lead screaming duties. He left them in late 2007 citing the usual different musical tastes as the reason for his departure and decamped to the US of A. He didn’t stay there long though, he soon came back to his native Wales and began writing and rehearsing with his new band ‘Decimals’. Also playing tonight will be Parody and the new but popular band on the scene No Room For Heroes. Tickets are £5 on the door and doors are 7:30pm.

There are quite a few gigs happening tomorrow night. Let’s begin with The Loving Cup at Telfords Warehouse who have been a staple fixture on the North Wales/Chester gigging circuit for as many years as I can remember. Those who haven’t heard of them have probably either a) only just moved to the area or b) lost use of their ears. They are a good-time rock n roll band with open air driving anthems that would make Johnnie Walker beseech them like a small sweet less child at first listen. They like to embody the essence of rock ‘n’ roll, which you don’t really see much of in these times of neon clothing, product swamped hair and fancy twiddly knobbed synthetic machines. A retro cliché some might say but I can’t see Late of the Pier turning Johnnie Walker into a grovelling shambles – that’s what all bands want to do isn’t it? Maybe not. It’s free entry before 9pm and £4 thereafter.

Still on Friday, there is a Sex Pistols tribute band playing the Centenary Club at the Wrexham Racecourse Football ground in aid of the Wrexham Supports Trust. ‘The Sex Pistols Experience’ are touted as one of the most realistic tributes to the Pistols with members including Johnny Rotter, Paul Crook, Kid Vicious and Steve Bones. They were once summoned by original Sex Pistols’ member Glen Matlock to play on his Los Angeles radio show and they’ve also appeared as stand-in doubles on various TV documentaries. Don’t get me wrong, most tribute acts are absolute bilge and I wouldn’t touch them with a dirty stick but when you get something this close to the real thing it’s worth it, and it’s for charity. £10 is the ticket price and you can get them from the Club shop.

Were still on Friday and I’m thinking the Talbot. Socialist present another sumptuous line-up, this week with two bands from Manchester. Light Syndicate – the siblings of Radiohead who create Mogwai-esque quiet-loud wall of sounds and The Bangs – who take as much influence from their local independent fashion designer as they do from The Breeders and Queens of the Stone Age. It’s £2 on the door.

Are we still on Friday? Yes we are. Luv*Jam returns to Central Station. Those akin to house/electro/new wave music will already know about this one. They have Berlin’s legendary Thomas Schumacher coming over to DJ. It’s £6 before midnight and £8 after. Doors are 6pm to 6am (?!).

Now, we finally get onto Saturday’s forthcomings. There’s a brand new club and band night starting at The Talbot. It’s called ‘The Kill Club’ and comes from the same people who organise the Don’t Die Just Yet nights (Ross and Matty) with help from their friends Josh and Jimmy. The night is centred around the best underground music from throughout the decades – 50’s rockabilly, 60’s garage psych, 80’s new wave and 90’s indie fuzz toppings. Local favourites Roy Destroy will be kicking off the live music followed by Newcastle’s hotly tipped Little Comets. Its £3 entry and doors are 9pm.

The only other thing to mention this week is the Sŵn Festival down in Cardiff this weekend. Flying the flag for our area this year is Camera, Gallops! and Danblagroyd. I’ve no doubt they will do us all proud. That’s all I have for this week, don’t forget to email me at ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk with any news. Take care.

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