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12th February 2009

by Ben Davis on 12 February, 2009 | 0 comments

In case you didn’t already know, It’s Valentines Day on Saturday. Don’t forget to avoid the clichés, it’s tough to do but it must be done, for your own sake. No red roses, no stuffed toys, no chocolates, no Elizabeth Duke jewellery, no ill-fitting lingerie and definitely no ‘Love Power Ballads for Losers’ CD compilations. And don’t forget to brush your teeth.

As I’m not a qualified Dear Deirdre, let’s get onto some music musings – even though there isn’t really that much happening this week.

Some hopeful news – Wrexham hip-hop band (probably the only one?), ‘Dirtee Rotten Scoundrelz’ have earned themselves a slot in the final of an unsigned competition in Salford, Manchester on 22nd February. They have 2 minutes to impress the judges at the national competition which is being filmed for ITV.

The DRS ‘crew’ have been playing in the area for about 4 years and the line-up has been through some changes over time but today they are; Sir Elf Boy – rapper, Tony Star – rapper, Funk MC – rapper and Deep C who is their scratch DJ and beat juggler. They’ve shared the stage with some big names as well; Kasabian, Goldie Lookin’ Chain and The Parkinson’s to name a few.

The band will be playing the Prohibition bar in Wrexham this Saturday from 8:30pm where they will be giving away some free CDs and other merch.

The Panic Promotions gig at McLean’s in Pentre this week features Tayla Made (Liverpool), Monday Morning Sun (London) and new band Feedback (Wrexham). It’s £4 entry with the first band on at 8:30pm.

Tonight at the Talbot they have Coedy’s famous sons Parody playing the Socialist night. Support comes from Liverpool’s Married to the Sea, who are ace, and sound like Death Cab For Cuties with less USA in the melting pot. Doors are £2 and doors are 8pm.

The Tiv in Buckley have Coyote Black tonight. They are a metal/rock band who also play their own material, imagine a biker festival and now imagine the band playing at the biker festival, and you’re there. Support comes from New Wave Porn and Bystander. Its £4 entry and doors are 8pm.

Alt Nation is back at Central Station tomorrow night, is it really a month ago since it was last on? Time flies and all that. It’s free entry up until 12 and then £4 entry thereafter.

On Saturday night Telfords Warehouse have a band called Defend Moscow playing. If you consider yourself to have been prime meat in the 80’s then you’ll ‘buzz’ of these. I’m thinking euro-pop at its wettest, but not like that rubbish Alphabeat, think Pet Shop Boys, Human League, The Eurythmics and all of those ‘duo’ bands from the years of the massive shoulder power pads. They pretty much sum up the sound of Defend Moscow.

They are signed to the same label that launched The Wombats, ‘Kids Records’ and they’ve been out on tour with the equally euro-pop drenched Sam Sparro, oh yes – grand kudos indeed. It’s free entry before 10pm and £4 thereafter.

On Monday night Telfords have ‘The Fence Collective’ on. The term ‘collective’ will no doubt make you wince, whimper and think of overgrown facial hair, tank-tops and corduroys. They are usually a gathering of folky musicians who keep themselves to themselves, with their group banter and clicky ways, sharing songs and stories.

The Fence Collective aren’t like that though. They are an amalgamation of singer-songwriters, bands and electronic artists with the most notable being King Creosote and previous member KT Tunstall. The collective are from a small Scottish fishing village called Anstruther where not much happens apart from music – they do have an award winning chip shop and Scotland’s oldest learner driver (84) though. Doors open for the show at 8pm.

Well done, we’ve made it through another week. Let’s hope next week has more little parcels of joy. Let me know if you have any news, however small or revolutionary, get in touch! Email ben@wrexhammusic.co.uk. Take care.

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